6 Responses to New Excerpt from City of Dragons!

  1. I heard from someone that City of dragons ánd Dragon’s Blood the Dutch versions are already released (september 2011 and december 2011). I’ve checked it at an online dutch webshop and both books are indeed for sale. Are these the real stories? I can’t imagine the Dutch versions being released before the US and UK editions, especially as Dragon’s blood is planned to be released in 2013?

  2. That was great, thanks for that. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this final book and stoked to learn that it’s only 7 days away :p

  3. I received a Kobo e-reader for Christmas, and was despairing at finding something to buy for download (that I don’t already have). I came across Dragon Keeper on sale and decided to try it. Wowsers! I’m so glad I started this series now because the sequel’s waiting for me, and a third coming so soon! It’s like Christmas all over again!

  4. That’s a unique order of releasing 😀
    Although I’m Dutch I will wait a little while, preferring the original language 😉