Interview on IO9 and Diane Duane Dilemma

To read an interview I recently did, hie thee to IO9.  Enough said there, I think.  Except you should stay to look around the IO9 site, as there is a lot of cool stuff there.  I’m betting that you end up book-marking it for future enjoyment.

In a bit of ‘grrr’ news, Diane Duane has been the victim of identity theft. The thieves drained her bank account and until it is straightened out, she is a bit in the lurch for funds.    Full story here

  How can you help? Well, as the full story tells her, you can go here  and buy an e- book or two.  For now, if you enter the code DDgotskimmed you will even get a 20 % discount.  Making her misfortune your good fortune, even on Friday the 13th!

Diane Duane is the author of the wonderful series that begins with So You Want to be a Wizard.   Highly recommended!

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