February Appearances

A clever reader has suggested it would be good to put this information in a post, as well as under ‘Appearances’ at RobinHobb.com

So here is a quick summary of where you can meet me in February, 2012.  For more details, such as store addresses and phone numbers and specific times, please do click on the Appearances tab at the top of the Robinhobb.com page.

7          Sign at University Book Store, Seattle, WA

8          Sign at Powells   Books, Beaverton, Orgeon   

9          Sign at Waucoma Books, Hood River     Talk with Community College Students  noon 

10        Sign at JBLM   (Joint Base Lewis McChord, near Tacoma)   4pm 

11        Sign at Barnes and Noble, Black Lake Blvd, in Olympia   2Pm 

16        Houston, Texas   6:30  Murder by the Book 

17        Austin, Texas    6:30   /Bookpeople

I will also be visiting California and Arizona in March, Chicago in April, and I’ll be at Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands in April, too.    I may drop in on the Chicago Comic Con, too. Anyone else going to be there?

And of course, July will find me as the Guest of Honor at Westercon, in Seattle, WA! 

I’ll post details on those dates as they get closer.



15 Responses to February Appearances

  1. I am really excited to hear that you will be in Chicago in April! I look forward to finally meeting you. I can’t wait for your new book to come out. 🙂

  2. I’ll hope to see you there, Lindsay!

    I am scheduled for events at the RT Booklovers gathering, and I’m working on at least a drop in visit to the Chicago Comic Con. I think it’s going to be a wild weekend for me!

  3. Do you ever write posts about the events / tour?

    I’d be interested to read about your favorite questions and answers that people come up with. I know I had a million questions when you came to Aus but couldn’t remember any of them as it had been a couple of years since reading most of your books.

  4. Ooh, I might well go to the Elf Fantasy Fair! I’ve moved to the Netherlands anyway, so I’m close enough 🙂

    It will probably be interesting for you to be able to discuss City of Dragons and (especially) Blood of Dragons, as most Dutch fans will have already read them. Strange for the translated versions to be out before the English versions are published, but I’m happy with that! The books were GREAT, I would love to read even more. Curious about your next projects.

  5. When I’m out on a book tour, my days are very busy and I often don’t have time to blog about each event. I’m always happy to answer questions, however, here or over on my newsgroup at sff.net. So fire away!

  6. Is there any chance you will be in Sacramento, CA? My daughter-in-law introduced me to your works last June and I have read almost all of them. I just finished the Soldiers Son trilogy. She got to see you in Reno during your coffee klatch and I would love to have the same chance. Thank you for the books you write.

  7. Hi Kathleen!
    No trip to Sacramento planned, but I will be stopping in at Mysterious Galaxy in March. I will be at their new Redondo Beach store: 2810 Artesia Blvd. Redondo Beach, CA 90278 310.542.6000

    Maybe Sacramento another year?


  8. Hi Robin,

    I absolutely love your books. I can’t get enough of them. You have certainly made an impression in my life through your epic stories. I am hoping that you will one day make it to Florida so I can personally thank you.

    Chris Ferretti

  9. Hi Robin

    Are there any visits to the UK planned? Our little group of friends who are now very much in love with Fitzchivalry and the rest are eager to meet and thank you in person,

    Fingers crossed!

    Keep up the great work.


  10. I am SO happy you are coming to the Portland area! I tried to get over to Tacoma last summer (from Spokane) but didn’t make it! Now, I live in Portland!!! I have the first three books of The Farseer Trilogy that are what originally got me into enjoying reading….. I can’t wait to be able to attach your signature to them!! 🙂

  11. No visits planned for 2012, I’m afraid. But be assured that I love visiting the UK and will do it again. Last time I was there, my friend Terie Garrison took me first to Stonehenge, and then to Avebury. I still catch my breath when I think about Avebury. I wll come back, to go there again and sit on the hillside and look out across the land!

  12. Well, I’ll look forward to meeting you at Powell’s Books! Remember it’s the one in Beaverton, not the one in downtown Portland! With a bit of luck, perhaps he can catch coffee afterwards if the reading/signing doesn’t go to late! Make sure you introduce yourself, because people so seldom look like their online posts!