e-book reminder! Dragon Keeper, $1.99

NB!  I have edited this post. Shaman’s Crossing is no longer on sale for $1.99, but Dragon Keeper and some of the other books are. So very sorry!

HarperCollins is currently doing an e-book promotion with a number of novels priced at less than $2!  Dragon Keeper is listed here.  There are great reads here for as little as 99 cents!

So if you got a new e-reader as a  holiday gift, you can easily stock up a pretty great library of e-books rather quickly and very inexpensively!  For about $15 you can pick up sample the books of 9 HC authors

My secret tip? If you haven’t sampled Helen Lowe’s work yet, check her out with The Heir of Night.  Oh, and there’s a Raymond Feist novel there as well.  And a little bit of Steampunk, and perhaps a vampire . . .

This promotion won’t go on forever!  Act now.


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  1. Thank you for the heads-up! I was able to pickup an ebook copy of Dragon Keeper. I also decided to try your recommendation of The Heir of Night.

    However, Amazon only lists Shaman’s Crossing for Kindle at $7.99. Out of curiosity, I checked Barnes & Noble and it’s $7.99 there, too! The ITunes store does have it for the $1.99 but it seems odd that only one of the three stores has it for the advertised price and I thought you’d want to know.

  2. Ack! You are correct!
    HC accidentally left the Facebook post up past it’s final date.

    Dragon Keeper is at $1.99 until January 27th, but Shaman’s Crossing is no longer on sale.
    I’m so very sorry about that! I will now go edit that post so no one else is ambushed!

    Thanks for calling my attentiotn to that.


  3. Hi Robin
    as usual Aussies miss out on the discount price.
    We pay on Amazon $9.36. Thanks Harper Collins!

  4. Hey, Tracey!

    In about a week, Australian readers who were wishing they could get in on a less expensive e-book of Dragon Keeper are going to owe you a big thank-you!
    Readers are heard! And publishers do want to do right by you. Especially my publishers, I’m happy to say.