Schedule updates!

Well, the New Year is just around the corner, and already I am getting information about conventions and events for 2012.

I will share those updates as they come in, and of course, keep my Appearances on up to date as well.

The first event of the New Year (after First Night in Tacoma, of course!) will be Confusion.  Confusion is a convention held at the  Detroit Marriott in Troy, Michigan from January 20 to 22.

This year I will be attending, and will definitely be at the following events at the convention, as well as wandering about in between!

Opening Ceremonies on Friday night at 8 PM

I’ll be doing a  reading on Saturday at 1 PM

A panel on Care and Feeding of the writer on Saturday, 4 PM.  Heads up!  ELIZABETH BEAR, Jim Hines, Catherine Schaffer and Gretchen Ash are also part of this panel.

The MASS AUTOGRAPH session on Saturday at 5PM

At 8 PM Saturday, a panel called  Reviews and Criticism. Gretchen Ash, Howard Andrew Jones, Jason Sanford and Christine Purcell are also panelists.

And on Sunday at 11 AM, Small Stories in Epic Fantasy panel, with Bradley Beaulieu, PATRICK ROTHFUSS, Jason Sanford and BRENT WEEKS.  Caps are yes, excited shouting.

So that is for ConFusion in January!

Now, a bit more distant in the year is the Tucson Festival of Books in March.  I have rumors to share!  I know of two panels that I expect to be on.  The first is called The Return of High Fantasy.  My co-panelists include Terry Brooks, Judith Tarr, Dennis McKiernan and Naomi Novik.  The second panel is called World Building Workshop, and my fellow panelists will be Jeff Mariotte, Sam Sykes, Maxwell Alexander Drake and Dennis McKiernan.

And an entirely new rumor to share! There is a chance that I will be at RT Booklovers Convention held April 11 to 15th at Rosemont, Illinois.  The Chicago Comic Con is the same weekend. Would love to drop in on that!  But as of now, these are not confirmed quite yet.    Do let me know if you’d come by and see me at either event!

And now back to my regularly scheduled holiday craziness.



4 Responses to Schedule updates!

  1. Dear Robin,

    I didn’t know where to ask this, so I just put the comment here. I hope that is not a problem?

    How can it be possible for your two new books to already be available in Dutch??? I saw them in the bookshop today, and was terribly disappointed to find the English versions will be released so much later:( It is finished, apparently? Or otherwise how could a translation have been made? Why is your publisher waiting so long?:S

    There’s probably nothing you can do about it, but I really don’t like it!:cry:

  2. Different publishers have different schedules! That really is as much of an explanation as I can give. Each publisher puts a book onto their publishing calendar where they feel it will do best.

    Not too much longer to wait for the English version of City of Dragons!

  3. I read your books (Farseer, Tawny man series and Mad Ship) about 20 years ago. I loved them then and I have just discovered them in audio and have enjoyed them all over again. I was wondering if The Tawny Man series will be released in audio files.

  4. As of right now, Tawny Man is not yet available as an audio book. We’re hoping that will change, and will let you know when it does!
    Thanks for asking.