Opportunity for Collectors: The Gypsy on CD

Back in 1992, Steven Brust and I (writing as Megan Lindholm)  co-wrote an urban fantasy called The Gypsy. We had a lot of fun writing it together, in fact, I’d say it was one of the most enjoyable writing experiences of my life.

The finished book incorporated snatches of song lyrics that Steve had co-written with Adam Stemple, then part of Boiled in Lead. A few years after the initial publication, Steve and Boiled in Lead put out a lovely multi-media CD. It not only contained the complete text of The Gypsy, but also included all the songs as performed by Boiled in Lead. It was, if you would, Steve’s first venture into the realm of E-books.

Now, if you would care to possess a copy of that CD, you have an opportunity. A group of friends of editor Terri Windling have put together an online auction for her benefit. One of the items available there comes from the collection of Ellen Kushner and is a copy of The Gypsy on CD.

You’ll need to act fast as the auction only goes until December 15th! Good luck on your bidding.

6 Responses to Opportunity for Collectors: The Gypsy on CD

  1. Every set of authors does it differently. The Gypsy predates my use of email, so Steve and I mailed it back and forth for months, revising, deleting and adding bits to the manuscript as it went. At some point, he started writing bits of my characters and I started writing bits of his. By the end, we could not longer tell who had written what. It was a lot of fun.

  2. Nice! I had been looking for that – discovered its existence a couple years ago! I have been listening to Boiled in lead for years and I’ve read Gypsy so I feel I am most qualified to win this auction, therefore no more bidding is required…;) Cheers!