Back on Reddit for Dragon Keeper

Today, November 30th, I’m over on Reddit again!

This time I’m answering questions for the Fantasy Book Club on Reddit.  The book under discussion is Dragon Keeper, volume one of the Rain Wilds Chronicles.  Please drop in and visit!

5 Responses to Back on Reddit for Dragon Keeper

  1. Definitely dropping by to ask a question! Thank you so much for these opportunities to freely ask you bunches of random questions, and actually getting wonderful answers to them. I really appreciate going through your answers and seeing the thought you gave them. Thank you, Robin! :mrgreen:

  2. This is a long overdue thank you for the past decade, in which I have discovered and come to cherish my favourite Author, You.

    Being a late bloomer in regards to reading novels, I was still seeking out the genre that would keep me enthralled and coming back for more. That was when The Liveship Traders, Ship of Magic (John Howe illustrated) caught my eye and as they say, the rest is history. Wherever I will be in this world, my Robin Hobb collection will be on display.

    Being in the far reaches of Southern Africa, Cape Town, I can only hope that your appearances/book signings will reach as far one day, so that I may have the honour of getting one of my treasured books signed, still contemplating which, but I believe it will be either Fools Fate for its epic conclusion of such immense characters or Royal Assassin, where I still hope for the cruel reign of Regal to be avoided during each read! However, revenge is sweet…

    Thank you Robin, you were the one that got me coming back for more, I hope the City of Dragons makes it to the cursed shores of Africa sooner than later!

  3. Not sure this is a question for the reddit stuff, so I’ll drop it here.

    I was curious if you are going to be signing books at the Tucson Festival of Books in March, and also what types of events you are going to be contributing to?

    I live in Phoenix, so it’s a little bit of a drive, and perhaps there will be more details as the event closes in. But you are the deciding factor on if I make the trek down there or not. Thanks for reading my comment, and thanks for writing! It’s a joy to read your work!

  4. Oh, I will definitely be signing books there!
    I do not have my schedule yet, so I cannot give you any specific information. But as the date gets closer and they inform me, I’ll be sure to share it here.

    Thanks for asking. I hope to see you there.