Soleil will produce Graphic Novels from The Liveship Traders

Just signed the contracts this morning!

Soleil, who has done a magnificent job of transforming the Farseer Trilogy   (see some sample pages here) out as a set of French graphic novels will now continue with the Liveship Traders Trilogy.

Can’t wait to see them!

And to stem the tide of questions: No, they are not available in English, but yes, there are Dutch versions!

Robin Hobb

5 Responses to Soleil will produce Graphic Novels from The Liveship Traders

  1. That’s so cool! (although more cool if they had them in English).

    Now all we need is a TV mini-series. Seriously! I’ve been thinking about that ever since I read the trilogy. Liveship has epic TV mini-series written all over it.

  2. No, please no TV-series! Just think of what the movies made for Lord of the Rings — I cannot read the novels anymore without seeing the actors in my head instead of the carachters I first imagined. So please, let us all keep our own Fitz and Fool and Chade and Molly and Nighteyes, and the Vestrits, Nevare, Alise, Thymara and everyone else, from Starling to Kennit, as we have had them.

  3. I don’t like very much graphic novels but if you talk about the Liveship Traders, i’m in !!! 😀

    The idea of a TV mini-serie or a Movie about the Liveship Traders makes me dream ! :mrgreen:
    The story is so animated, full of surprises and magic that it would be 100 times better than Pirates of the Caribbean, there is no doubt of it 😉

  4. Reading Liveship Trilogy in these days. It explains a lot about other stories!
    And today I bought Farseer Trilogy’s graphic novel! I don’t know french but always wanted, time to learn!!!! :mrgreen:

  5. It is so hard to find a good fantasy novel any more.Most of the good ones were published in the mid to late eighties before I was born. To be able to find a really good fantasy novel now is a rare thing and I would hate it to be forever ruined by having it made into a comic or tv series.