New Dates for visits

I’ve just updated my appearances area to include the signing dates in February for City of Dragons. 

In February, I’ll launch from University Book Store in Seattle, Washington. From there, I’ll drive down to Beaverton, Oregon and the Powell’s store there, then off to Hood River for a noon talk and signing at the Columbia Gorge Community College and the Waucoma Bookstore.

After that, I will visit Fort Lewis and sign at the PX.    Then it’s off to Texas and Murder by the Book in Houston, and Bookpeople as a finale in Austin Texas.

For the details, check out the appearances schedule on the site.

9 Responses to New Dates for visits

  1. Any chance you will come to Southern California in the near future? I would love to see you again Robin.

    Also in other news I finished the short story I told you about post Worldcon. Oh and it turned into a novella. The story just needed more room to be told so I allowed it to. Its called ‘The Caregiver’ and it topped out at just over 26,000 words.

    All my beta readers love it and tell me its my best work to date. That is bittersweet because I worked so much harder on other stories. However I am very proud of the new story, it just flowed out of me so easily.

    I think it might be too long for Clarion but I will do something with it.

    I need to go buy some more of your books, I just have so much to read right now. A friend talked me into starting the ‘Night Angel Trilogy’ by Brent Weeks and its wonderful.

    Anyway I will stop rambling now, its been a while since I posted so I thought I would make up for it.

  2. Hi Mohamed!
    I think it would be fascinating to visit Norway. But usually my travels are at the behest of my publisher, or an invitation from a Fair or other event, such as Imaginales in France or SupaNova in Australia. I most often go where I’m invited! I’ll be in the Netherlands at Elf Fantasy Fair as a result of being invited there.

    Thanks for asking!


  3. Hi Robin! Ever since I was younger and started to read your books, I was completely and utterly entranced by the artistry and power of your writing! The books from the Farseer Trilogy are my all time favourite books. I swear by them!

    Is there any chance that you may be able to come to New South Wales, Australia again? It would mean the world for me to be able to meet you!

  4. Hey, Hopnut Jester!

    I’ll be seeing you again at the Olympia Barnes and Noble, I hope, on Feb. 11, 2012! Just had this added to my schedule today!