16 Responses to In All Its Glory

  1. Love the colouring and style. The European covers for novels always look so much more artistic and elegant than the US ones for some reason…

  2. Oh my god, it’s beautiful! I can’t wait for February. Wish I could go into hibernation and wake up on publishing day!

  3. Looks up to scratch. 🙂 The original covers on the Farseer and Liveship trilogies are still my favourites though.

    I bet you didn’t mean to double post that. So I figured it was better to reply on the updated post.

  4. Exactly so. Very strange. When I first tried to post, I got a message that my upload had failed. So I re-typed the whole post and put it up again.
    Guess that first upload didn’t fail after all!

  5. Really like that, although agree with Christopher on the original Farseer covers – especially the red ship on ‘Apprentice.

    Robin, is Dragon City roughly the same length as Haven and Keeper?

  6. Beautiful! I’ve read, and thoroughly enjoyed The Soldier’s Son Trilogy, Tawny Man Trilogy, and The Farseer Trilogy. I can’t wait to get my hands on The Rain Wild Chronicles!

  7. Robin you are my favorite author by far please come to Ireland everybody I have given assassins apprentice to has become obsessed with your books!

  8. It looks good…but when will it be release?…..waiting, waiting! I just started re-reading the Rain Wild Chronicles again…. 🙂

  9. These covers are really growing on me. This one is so delicate and beautiful, and the sketches for book four on her website look really interesting as well.

  10. Im so happy this is out. The wait has felt like a life time. You have so many fans in Australia, when are you coming?

  11. I love this cover, it seems fitting that it has more background than the others. I can’t wait for it’s release :3
    I just finished reading The Liveship Traders, actually. I bought the first book at Supernova this year and didn’t realise that Rain Wilds was a sequel series. I knew so many spoilers 😀

  12. Nice! I can’t wait to buy and read it. 😀

    It is strange though, I’ve already seen this book for sale in Dutch. (Although I want to read it in English, and this cover matches the first two books, so I’ll have to wait a little longer.) How come this is possible?

  13. Im just on the last of the ‘Golden’ trilogy and Im not certain if I should wait until all 4 dragon books are complete and read them all one after the other or just read these 2 now and wait agonisingly for the end of the story.

    I just love your writing and have just bought Shaman’s Ctrossing to keep me ticking over while I decide.

    Many thanks for enriching my life Robin.