Correct Dutch Title!

Ah, in my late night haste to post, I didn’t proof read what I was putting up!

Here is the Dutch cover for the true first edition of City of Dragons, with the correct Dutch title in place:




City of Dragons  Dutch cover


There have been a number of surprised comments asking ‘How is it possible that the Dutch language edition is out before the English version?’  Well, it’s pretty simple.  The manuscript is sent out to the editors of the various publishing houses. Each publishing house determines where the book will fit in their schedule, and then makes it happen. 

In this case, a swift translator and an efficient editor means that the Dutch edition has come out first.  I might note that since the Dutch are a very literate people and very often multi-lingual as well, this is excellent marketing by Luitingh Fantasy.

The illustrator is Marco Lap. Enjoy!

7 Responses to Correct Dutch Title!

  1. I’ve seen the dutch version in bookstores and I’m quite eager to read it; alas, I’ve read the first novels in English, so I’d like to finish it in that language as well. Still; the cover is quite tempting!

  2. Hmm, that one snuck up on me. After a great experience with your short story collection I had decided to start reading your novels in English too, so I wasn’t keeping tabs on the Dutch publishing dates.

    I started reading most fantasy in English a few years back, because I was getting to impatient to wait for the Dutch translations. (if there came one at all.)

    The last fantasy novels I read in Dutch were actually Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven (I waited for both of them to be out before reading).

    So, what am I to do now eh? Read the books in their native language, which I’ve come to prefer, or read them sooner and keep a matching set on my shelve? (aesthetics are important too! :p) Argh!

  3. It’s great to be a Belgian !

    I’m gonna finish soon “la Décrue”, the last part of Dragon Haven in french and happily I speak also dutsh ! (as every good belgian) 😛

    The book is already reserved :mrgreen:

    It’s fine not to have to wait for long months after the french version 🙄

  4. I am so happy Holland was the first to get the book published, I is one of the only book-series I actually read in Dutch so it is great not having to wait for the translation this time 😉

    I just came across a short video which I guess is part of a David Attenborough documentary. It is like being in Trehaug! just thought you’d have to see this!

  5. That was absolutely lovely! Thank you so much for the link. The father passing on the knowledge of living architecture to the daughter was very uplifting. Recommended!