When the Mews won’t let you work

Ever had one of those days when you just couldn’t seem to sit down in your chair and get any writing done?

8 Responses to When the Mews won’t let you work

  1. My beagle Meg does the same thing to me – just as I’ve made a nice mug of hot chocolate and go to sit and drink it on my favourite armchair I find her sitting in it. Cue much pleading to make her sit on her own doggy cushion!

  2. my cat does a similar thing to me when i feel sad, he knows and goes to sit on my chair and keep me company…… doesn’t help towards my writing a book…. Terry Goodkinds Sword of Truth series along with your Farseer Trilogy Assassin books have inspired me to become an author myself ^^

  3. Or slightly better than the ‘laying accross your laptop’s keyboard, accidentally typing some random text and preventing you from writing anything while warming up’ mode…

  4. Oh, how lovely 🙂 My cat, actually, does the same when he thinks that I need a rest from my computer. Cats are so wise )