NFB and Paddle to the Sea

The National Film Board of Canada has, over the years, provided me with entertainment such as I have found nowhere else. Years ago, I discovered via the NFB an animator called Richard Condie. Through much of my career, Getting Started has been the best way in the world to short circuit an attack of writers block.  The Big Snit, also by Richerd Condie, can put any internet flame war to shame as well as putting it in perspective.  The simple phrase ‘Sawing for Teens’ can dissolve any family gathering at my house into hysteria.

Likewise  The Cat Came Back by Cordell Barker has delighted every generation of my family that as seen it.  And if I am in a romantic mood, The Log Drivers Waltz  by John Weldon never fails to touch my heart.  It’s always a dangerous website for me to visit if I haven any work scheduled for the day, for the temptation is simply to move from one short film to another.

Today was no exception. The email from NFB was in my mailbox and I could not resist the lure of Paddle to the Sea .  The rich voice, gentle narration and calmness of this film from 1966 took me back to a time when films for kids were slower paced and thoughtful.  It’s 28 minutes long, and it may be the most enjoyable 28 minutes of your fast paced day.

Thanks NFB.  A quick injection of pure Story was exactly what I needed today!

But before I go back to my day’s work, I need to waltz with that Log Driver one more time!


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