New Cover Art for US City of Dragons

The surprise is, you readers from the UK and Australia will recognize the artist immediately!

This is the first time that my books in the UK, US and Australia have featured the same art!

Here’s a peek at the cover for City of Dragons.  The artist is Jackie Morris, often mentioned here.  Click on her name to visit her website for all sorts of beautiful images.  And to see hints of things to come for Blood of Dragons.



10 Responses to New Cover Art for US City of Dragons

  1. The cover art for City of Dragons is lovely and in perfect keeping with the Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven cover art here in the UK. Looking forward on it! (And the Subterranean Press deluxe Inheritence 🙂

  2. First, this is a beautiful dragon. I really love the farseer world! (on that note, the ending was beautiful… I loved how detailed it was, even if it was a little sad… I didn’t feel like it was fair that the fool never saw fitz again. or did he? I love to think he did)
    But that’s enough about that. Thanks for bringing these series into our lives!

  3. Wow, that cover is amazing! I just can’t wait for this book and Blood of Dragons.

    I read the Tawny Man trilogy about a year ago and since then I’ve read all your books I could get my hands on. Meaning all the one’s you’ve written as Robin Hobb and now I’m currently reading the last few pages of Wolf’s Brother and I’ve just ordered all the rest you’ve written of Amazon that they had and shipped to Malta.

    And now when I found your blog I just have to tell you that you are without a doubt my absolute favorite writer and I can’t thank you enough for bringing the Farseer world and the Rain Wilds into my life. When I read the books about Fitz and The Fool, I thought a series couldn’t possibly get any better, but you proved me so wrong with the Rain Wilds Chronicles. So I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you from the bottom of my heart and please keep writing because you’re the best! <3

  4. This is absolutely magnificent! It certainly does your brilliant writing justice, Robin.
    Still loving every word. Keep on keeping on!