City of Dragons

Well, the book marches one step closer to being real.  I have seen the cover art for the UK edition.  Jackie Morris has outdone herself!  I will ask permission to post it here.  Some of you who are friend with Jackie on Facebook may have already had a sneak peek at it.

The publication date for both the US and the UK/Australia will be February of 2012.  The concluding volume will be released in 2013, not 2012 as I had previously thought.  But at least I can assure you that the books is finished, edited and safely in the hands of the publishers.  Book four will still have to go thorugh copy editing of course, but the story does exist.

The weather here has finally cooled, the sky has grayed and I am comfortable outside again.  I am now looking at all that must be done in the garden and down at my pocket farm before it becomes very rainy.  Then I try to balance that against all the writing tasks before me, and I realize I’d best sharpen my self discipline and use my time more efficiently.

I still have blueberries and black berries to pick, and it looks as if we will have a bumper crop of apples, if the deer don’t get to them first.  I persuade myself that berries will not stay on the bushes forever, so that is what I should get to first this week.  But I know it is just a convenient excuse for being outside and doing something I love instead of sitting at my desk.

I’ve decided that this year I will go back to my old ways, and put away a lot of food in the freezer and in jars.  I’ve made green bean garlic dill pickles, and all sorts of jam as well as freezing batches of blackberries and blueberries.  Perhaps it is time to replace the ancient pressure cooker.  I want to do cinnamon apple rings this fall, as well as applesauce and pumpkin.  Yes. Better find a good pressure cooker.


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  1. Just don’t ever do what George R R Martin did and let your hardback come out a year before your paperback for your next book and you will keep me happy.

    How can a reader ever show the publishers what they think in a way they will take notice of when they are selling a single source product?

  2. Good news about the books. I will make a happy purchase on my 15th birthday in March 😀

    I hope you have a nice time gardening, and if I lived in America, I would want some of your cinnamon apple rings. they sound amazing.

    My speciality is apple crumble made from Bramley Apples. I baked one the other day. My Mum thought it was my best yet.

  3. Hi Christopher,

    Oh, if only it were all up to the writer! But the publisher is the one who decides when the mass market paperback comes out, and most often it is about a year after the hardback.

    It used to be that the e-book came out even later! So, things have improved!


  4. Hi Meabh!

    The crumble sounds lovely.
    If you like to cook, this short cut recipe makes apple rings for immediate consumption. It uses red hot candies . . . not my favorite way to do it, but I have to admit the color is pretty.,186,153177-246207,00.html
    But I’m going to be putting mine up in jars. So I’ll use a recipe similar to this one, with cinnamon sticks (expensive but worth it!) and maybe a bit of food coloing.
    I love this time of year, when the harvest comes in. Hoping to pick more blackberries today. After I get my work done!


  5. Thank you for the recipes. I shall have to experiment one day after school, but unfortunately I have loads of homework to do and revision for a test tomorrow. Life goes on.

    Have a nice time out in the garden, I hope you have nice weather, we certainly don’t.

    PS: I just had a brain wave! Apple crumble with cinnamon apples! I’m now inspired. Thank you.

  6. Hi Robin,

    I have been unable to add a response to your post re the role of publishers so please forgive me for doing it here!

    Thank you for the reply, which I found rather fascinating. It also made me wonder at the superior skills that editors and publishers must have, and if any ever successfully make the leap over to ‘author’.

    On to the topic at hand…

    I am all for preserving a bumper crop, and often have an abundance to preserve or use, particularly chllies, capsicums, pumpkins, tomatoes and mangoes.

    With a new homestead recently built here in our compound, I am currently working toward putting in a small orchard with orange, mandarine, lemon, grapefruit and mulberry trees. I have always wanted to grow an apple tree (and even considered moving south just so I could do it! 😀 ) but have never attempted to do so due to the harsh heat of North Queensland summers. How wonderful to be able to pluck off an apple and enjoy a sweet, crunchy treat where quality is assured!

    Often when people ask if I collect anything, the first two things I think of to respond with are ‘books’ and ‘jars’. Only this morning my husband was lamenting the number of jars in our pantry that are waiting to be filled! :mrgreen:


  7. Great – looking forward to going further down the rabbit hole! Hope that means another signing session for us Olympians! Prost!

  8. /affects his best southern accent after clearing his throat

    I got me a hankerin for some ‘green bean garlic dill pickles’. They sound mighty fine.

  9. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment. I’m so glad to see a release date finally. You are, quite frankly, one of the best authors I have ever read. Not only have I read every book you’ve written, but I’ve read them repeatedly, and purchased more than one copy of them all because I keep giving them away to friends to read.

    I live in Vancouver, WA and I’m so relieved that the sun is taking a break and bringing that awesome Pacific Northwest liquid sunshine. It’s a welcome change from the heat!We just finished our blueberries and are waiting for the grapes to finish ripening. Such a treat to walk the kids home from school while eating home-grown fruits and berries!

  10. Hi Netta!
    Well, I can grow oranges or lemons or grapefruit. And I don’t think I’ve ever even had a mulberry. (Isn’t that what silkworms eat?)

    Australians do more with pumpkins than any other folk I’ve ever been around. I’d never thought of all the ways to use it until I visited. A slice of pumpkin on your sandwich? Really ., . . well, hm, why shouldn’t I try it? And it was good.

    Jars and handy plastic tubs with lids. One can never have too many of those!


  11. Yeah for some reason pumpkin is huge over here. Pumpkin scones are one of my favourite things, especially the recipee my Mother gave me. Orange vegetables are the best vegetables, in my not so humble opinion 🙂 .

    It is always a shame when the middle-man gets most the control and makes most the profit. See the research on why Australia’s piracy rate is so high, if you want to see the long term effects of restricted and zoned release schedules.

  12. hi robin i would like to add that i am at the last few chapters of dragon haven. and i just dropped a tear when i seen that the next book would not be out till feb 2012. i,m 47 years old and find it hard to say that during my schoolyears i never read any book cover to cover. but when my daughter started playing softball i took up reading so i would have something to do between games.and the first book i EVER read all the way through was harry potter. i didn’t pick it out myself it just happen to be one she had with her that day. so to make a even longer story short, that’s where my reading really started. i have read martin’s book anf turtledoves very long series of book and i believe your work can stand up to there’s. so for my sakes please hurry the next book out so i can find out what happens to alise, thymara and all your great characters in this series.

  13. Really looking forward to the next installment (and hoping to see the Farseer Trilogy, Tawny Man and Rainwild Chronicles come together).

    Really wondering about the stone dragons, and how/whether/if they’ll be incorporated into the followups after I’ve finished Dragon Haven.

    But darn, I have to wait for the paperback editions. Too bad John Howe isn’t doing the UK covers anymore. It’s kinda looking askew in my bookcase with all your books next to each other 😀