Monthly Archives: September 2011

A Change of Schedule!

Unfortunately, due to some last minute changes, I will be unable to be at the Northwest Book Fest in Kirkland!

Please do go and have a wonderful time!

Robin Hobb

NFB and Paddle to the Sea

The National Film Board of Canada has, over the years, provided me with entertainment such as I have found nowhere else. Years ago, I discovered via the NFB an animator called Richard Condie. Through much of my career, Getting Started has been the best way in the world to short circuit an attack of writers block.  The Big… Continue Reading

Espresso Book Machine and Harper Collins

What is an Espresso Book Machine?  A quick summary would be that it’s a machine that can very quickly (less than 7 minutes) print out from a file a paperback book, complete with color, that is virtually the same as a book you would buy off a book store shelf. My friend Vlad at Third… Continue Reading

New Cover Art for US City of Dragons

The surprise is, you readers from the UK and Australia will recognize the artist immediately! This is the first time that my books in the UK, US and Australia have featured the same art! Here’s a peek at the cover for City of Dragons.  The artist is Jackie Morris, often mentioned here.  Click on her… Continue Reading

Bits and Pieces

One of my current resolves is to put more reading time into my life.  To that end, I’ve been immersed in Blake Charlton’s new book, Spellbound.  It’s the sequel to Spellwright, a volume I greatly enjoyed.  No spoilers here, but I’ll add that to be dyslexic in a world where wizards must literally spell their… Continue Reading

City of Dragons

Well, the book marches one step closer to being real.  I have seen the cover art for the UK edition.  Jackie Morris has outdone herself!  I will ask permission to post it here.  Some of you who are friend with Jackie on Facebook may have already had a sneak peek at it. The publication date… Continue Reading

An Inteview and a Contest

Just a short update on a busy weekend.   My neighbor and I were commiserating that when we get an extra day off, we just use it to do a different sort of work. We are both outside today, getting our ‘end of summer’ tasks done. But if you are inside and reading on your screen… Continue Reading