Worldcon Recap and RWC updates and a little French story

So. Reno. Wow.  I was SO not prepared for the intensity of having a casion on the ground floor of the hotel.  Not my cup of tea, I’m afraid.  Flashing lights, buzzers, mirrored ceilings, hideous carpets (I’m told that is deliberate.  So you lift your eyes and look at the machines.) and rows of hunched backs of people crouched over their machines.  It felt like a sensory assault every time I walked through it, to where I felt almost physically ill.

So. That was educational!

The shuttles to the convention center were frequent, dependable, and stuffed with writers!  And the convention center itself was an excellent space for the convention, with large rooms that were clearly marked.  The dealers’ room and the art show were side by side in an immense room that also had plenty of space for a teen area, a signing area, a fanzine area, a coffee bar . . . all in one space and very well done.

My favorite room was down at the end of the hall. The children’s center was well staffed and well stocked with legos, beads, art and craft supplies, and verylively children.   I did a talk there about why kids should start writing right now.  Met a very young man who was already writing and illustrating comics, and did two quick critiques on manuscripts that the young authors just happened to have with them.  The kids were well spoken, the writing was scarily good, and I think it was my best event at the con! Many thanks to James for being there, as well as the other volunteers who were carrying on all sorts of tasks.

The best part of any Worldcon is running into random friends and this one was no exception.  I had a lovely conversation with Kim Stanley Robinson, one that has me re-thinking my writing space.  Also connected with Steve and Barry, long time friends from my newsgroup.  As always, there were too many ‘hi-goodbye’ meetings on escalators and in hallways, but that is to be expected.

We drove down and then back again to Tacoma, passing through some of the most beautiful mountains and forest I’ve seen.  When we would get out to stretch our legs, the smell of the dry upland forest took me right back to my California childhood.  Wonderful.  I arrived home ready to sit back down at my desk and get some work done.

Lucky for me that did.  I spoke a bit soon thinking that book 4 was out the door. Back it came, to have one last plot thread stitched up a bit more tightly.  So that is my task for this week.

I will also mention here that the publishing schedule has changed.  Book three, City of  Dragons, is scheduled for February 2012.  And Book four, Blood of Dragons, has been pushed back to 2013.  So there will be a bit of a wait between the books after all.

In other news, I’ve got a neat little tale to share.  When I was at Imaginales, my friend Sylvain asked me to autograph a book to “voyageur inconnu”.  He had been traveling on the train and had noticed a fellow rider reading one of my books.  He did not know the man at all, but he suspected he would see him again.

Here is his account of what became of that book:

From the end of May I had the book in my bag almost every day in case of encounter with this unknown traveller (that I saw only once). I never saw him again.

Weeks after weeks I imagined then to go to a library and to offer the book to an interrested reader. But I was almost sure to meet the “voyageur inconnu” just the day after if I’d do it. 🙂 

So, I tried to take different trains at different hours with no success. 

Finally, last week, I was walking on the platform to take my train and I recognized him. I stopped in front of him and said :

– Hello, do you sometimes read books written by Robin Hobb ?

He looked very surprised and replied : 

– Yes !?!

I explained him all the story when I saw him reading in the train and that I met you at the Imaginales and that you autographed a book for him.

He smiled widely and asked me if it was true. 🙂 

He was really very happy of this gift.

Back to me!  I am utterly charmed by Syvain’s impulse and his account of hte happy ending.

And in yet more other, other news, there is a new interview up at Wonderlance.  The portrait there was taken by my friend Antoine Mottier when I was at Etonnants Voyageurs.

So, that’s all for now. And back to work for me, on a story about a very dangerous woman . . .

9 Responses to Worldcon Recap and RWC updates and a little French story

  1. Very good news Mrs.Hobb 😀

    I must tell you how awesome are your books and I’m wondering who can be this woman , maybe you can give us some hints ! Somehow, I’m sure you’ll surprise us , as you’re always do !

    Best Feelings, Meilleurs sentiments

    A French Fan =D

  2. Sounds like a fun con! Oh, and my mum has been itching to drop you a line :roll:….
    Hello, oh writer lady that I love almost more than life itself. Sally introduced me to your books and I must say, I don’t think I have ever become more fascinated by any character than I have been by your Fool and Nighteyes. You make my nighttime reading a joy. Liz

  3. Hi Robbin.
    You’re amazing! And I must just thank you for writing so wonderfull books. They had helped me emense with my Englisch in shool!
    ok, it’s not perfect 🙄 , but much better than before I had read two of your books.
    So, thank you, and continue joy of writing :mrgreen:

  4. Great serenpidity book story. J’adore! Reminds me of the bookcrossing concept that I used to be part of once upon a time when I wasn’t a busy mom of twins. Are you familiar with the concept?

  5. Hello !
    I love the story of “voyageur inconnu”, and I’m glad this has a happy ending : I was at the Imaginales, at the queue to meet you, closed to him, and I heard him talking about ths “voyageur inconnu” met on a train (in fact, he even took the picture of you and me when it was my turn !). I admit I never thought he would see him again, and it’s really great it’s happened. Your stories really change people’s lives, even when you’re just slightly involved !
    I also would like to say I really love your books : when I met you at the Imaginales, I was so moved I could hardly talk (especially in english !), that was a bit silly because you are very kind and accessible. I think your books make the difference because you seem to really understand people. There are lots of times, when reading, when we think : “this is exactly that”. So, “bonne continuation” ! 😀

  6. Hello Robin,

    My name is Brandon Chastain, I had the honor and pleasure of meeting you at Worldcon. I do not expect you to remember me, there were many people there.

    I just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed talking with you. I am glad you got back safely and are back to writing.

    My wife and I had to leave early, she got ill and we drove back on Sunday. She is ok, but we got a bit of a scare, she is a type 1 diabetic and her symptoms were a concern. However she is fine and so am I. The event inspired a short story that I am working on and hope to submit to Clarion West.

    Anyway I just wanted to thank you and I hope you finish the book soon.

  7. Hi Brandon,

    I did enjoy meeting you at Worldcon! And I’m glad to hear that you and your wife arrived home safely. Diabetic symptoms are definitely something to give first priority to.

    Best of luck with your story and with your submission to Clarion West!


  8. Book 1 of the rain wilds chronicles is the first book I have read of your work. So I beleave your writings stand up to Martin’s . That is George r r Martin . So love the book , going to read book 2 and wait on the third to come out.