Updates on appearances!

I just added a couple of new events to my schedule, and both are well worth mentioning.And I’ll quickly review the ones that were listed there already.

October 2, 2011, I ‘ll be at the Northwest Bookfest in Kirkland, Washington!  Come in out of the rain and find out how to deal with life when it’s Raining Books!

January of 2012 will find me at ConFusion in Detroit, Michigan.  The con’s guest of honor will be Patrick Rothfuss, and we’ll also be seeing Peter Brett, Brent Weeks and Joe Abercrombie . . . some of my favorites.

In March, I’ll be attending The Tucson Festival of Books, held on the campus of the University of Arizona.

And finally, in July, I will be the Guest of Honor at Westercon, held in Seattle this year!

Details on all of these events are on listed under Appearances on the Robinhobb.com website.

And I’d better get right back to the writing now!

9 Responses to Updates on appearances!

  1. I’m sorry if that’s not realy related to the post but I’m desperate for an answer. I’m a continuity maniac and I like when a world is as developped as the realm of the elderling. The fact that you can write different story with different caracters in different region prove that your world stand on its own and I like that very much. But, that beeing said I looked everywhere for some kind of timeline or chronological list of your stories (and I mean all your elderling stories not just the novel, the question was answered previously but did not mention the short stories). I’m certain that you have a pretty good idea of when each story takes place, is there a reason why you refrain to publicly publish it ?

    (please pardon my spelling mistakes I’m one of your french canadian readers)

  2. Hey,
    Are you comming to Holland (the Netherlands) any time soon?? we have a great fantasy fair in april every year. I’d love to get your autograph one day…

  3. Are you speaking of Elf Fantasy Fair? One of my favorite fantasy events!
    But right now, I’m not scheduled to travel to Europe again. I think I’ve done enough flying for this year! I do love visiting the Netherlands. I am always very well treated there.


  4. Hi Martin,

    Chronologically, of course, the trilogies are fairly easy to put in order:

    Farseer Trilogy
    Liveship Traders
    Tawny Man
    Rain Wild Chronicles

    As for the shorter stories, Homecoming would be before Farseer Trilogy.

    The others are not as firmly fixed in a certain time.
    Blue Boots Falls during the Assassin’s Apprentice/ Royal Assassin time
    Words Like Coins The same time period as Blue Boots.
    The Inheritance Predates Ship of Magic
    Cat’s Meat I think it would predate Assassin’s Apprentice.

    Hope that helps. Most of the short stories are not tied directly to any events that fasten them to a certain time in history.


  5. Many thanks for that great chronological list Robin. I’ve just ordered Songs of Love and Death so I can get to read Blue Boots Falls and I have the last two stories in my copy of The Inheritance. However, the story Words Like Coins I can only find in an anthology called A Fantasy Medley that would cost me nearly 100 British pounds to buy. Is it available anywhere else? You are my favourite writer and I want to read every word by you!

  6. Hello Jan!
    Right now, A Fantasy Medley is the only place where Words Like Coins is published. I was amazed at how fast that anthology sold out!

    With best wishes,


  7. Oh dear, I’ll never get to read it then unless I come into a large sum of money. It seems a shame that they only printed a limited run of the book. Would the publishers consider running it again do you think? If it sold out that quickly then it shows there is a demand.

  8. Hi Jan!

    There are a LOT of my stories and books by Megan Lindholm and Robin Hobb that are out of print. When it happens that a book or story is no longer in print, then the prices for the available copies shoot up into the ‘collectors only’ realm.

    As I writer, that does not make me happy. It was one reason I was so pleased when HarperCollins and now Subterranean brought out the LIndholm/Hobb collection The Inheritance. Some of those stories had been hard to find for years.

    I am currently looking into the various ways in which I can make the older Lindholm books available again. My trouble right now is that there is only one of me. My assistant Viki left for a much better paying job with great benefits. As she is also my neice, I was very happy to see her get that opportunity. So right now, I am balancing my time at writing new stories against my time in re-issuing older works. The new stuff is winning right now. 🙂 But as soon as I get a breathing space, I hope to be making the older stuff more available and not just as e-books.

    Believe me, I will keep everyone posted here with a big announcement if I make that happen!


  9. Hi Robin

    Thanks for replying to me. It’s great to be able to speak to my favourite living author (well, it’s joint between you and Ursula K Le Guin).

    A dog walking guy I met in the local park lent me the Windsingers Quartet in two chunky hardback volumes. I love the Megan Lindholm stories in The Inheritance. But I’m one of those who prefer the RH stories. I’m so glad I’ve got two more Rainwild books to look forward to. They are the books I re-read the most.