Just a reminder that Worldcon is just around the corner!

I am hoping to meet many readers and fellow writers at Renovation, to be held August 17 to21, in, of course, Reno, Nevada.

There is a stellar line up of guests (Ellen Asher, Tim Powers and Boris Vallejo, with Charles N Brown with us in spirit, I am sure.)

Even without a convention, Reno offers tourists and visitors  much to enjoy.  The  Worldcon is offering, among many other things, a film festival, a writer’s workshop, a workshop on how to teach SF, an art exhibit, a masquerade (Phil and Kathe Folio presiding!), music, dance, song . . .

Oh, and then there are all those writers attending, and all the panels on SF.

And awarding the Hugos.  That’s going to be  a tough task this year, given the high quality of the nominees.  Take a look at that list!

I think my days there are going to be very busy.

Hope to see you there.


2 Responses to Renovation

  1. Sounds great! Wish I could teleport from Australia 🙁

    Hope everything goes smoothly! 🙂