Saint-Malo and Etonnants Voyageurs

Tomorrow, I am back on yetta nother airplane, on my way back to France. 

The festival I’ll be attending is Etonnants Voyageurs in Saint-Malo on the coast.  I’ve never been to this one before, and so have no idea what to expect.  Except, of course, lively discussions, bookish people and lovely beaches.  So I think I’m going to enjoy myself.

I know I’ll be connecting again with friends from both Trolls&Legendes and Imaginales.  And this time, Arnaud Mousnier-Lompre will be there as well!  I have not seen Arnaud for a few years, but he is the reason why so many French readers find the Farseer books so enjoyable.  He is a skilled and dedicated translator, and if I have my way, I will coerce him into signing books alongside me. After all, I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and an excellent translation is the dream of every writer.

So, I hope I will be seeing many of you there!

I still have not been reunited with my camera, so apologies for the delay in posting my photographs. I expect to have more when I return from Saint-Malo, if Giles remembers to get me my camera back before I depart!

In the mean time, if you have photos of SupaNova, Trolls&Legendes or Imaginales and would like to share them, please leave a post with a link!  I’d love to see them.


2 Responses to Saint-Malo and Etonnants Voyageurs

  1. I lost near half an hour to find how to begin this comment. I cannot imagine something rather original or cool or special…
    I’m just a french girl admiring your work for years (so pardon my english…)
    I’m from Saint-Malo. It’s a wonderful city, i hope you’ll like it. It is made by rocks and by stones, sculptured by the sea. It seams timeless…
    I’m sorry, my english prevents me from express what i would wish.
    So let us get to the main point : Etonnants Voyageurs is a great festival. The atmosphere is plesant and joyful. I really hope you will enjoy it. Each year the festival reinvents itself and each year to returns s a pleasur. So i’m rather sure to discover it should please you.

    I hope i’ll be abble to see you during the festival. I may try to come to the conference ’cause I really want to know what shall be the world without the dragons… 😛


    Fanny (Fan’Oz)

  2. looking forward to see those pictures! Hope you had a good time in St Malo. I almost made it there, almost believed I really could come til the very last moment.

    Next time, I will organise myself better I promise.