Saint-Malo and Etonnants Voyageurs

Home safe, and exhausted!   But before I fall on my face, a quick report on ‘what I did over my summer vacation’!  🙂

The long sandy beach at Saint-Malo

This was the site that greeted me as I got off the bus.  The beach and the water were postcard perfect.  That is the National Fort in the background.  I was impressed with how clean the beach was.  This was our ‘blue sky’ day on Saturday.  On Sunday and Monday, the clouds and rain closed in, but we were not deterred!

And here was the welcoming party, inside the old walled city.  Fresh oysters and champagne!  And many French Merchant Marine sailors in their uniforms as well as a flood of writers and readers.

Here is the National Fort again, with the tide coming in to surround it!  On Saturday evening, The France TV 5 sponsored a party in the Fort.

So that gives a small idea of the beautiful setting for the festival.  I was able to connect with many old friends and make some new ones as well.  I enjoyed my time at the Pygmalion signing tables, even when we had an unexpected ‘indoor rain shower’ when a vent above us failed to close during a squall!  I’ve never seen book people move so fast to save the books!  All the staff working at the table were great and so very kind to me during my time there.

I think the most extraordinary panel for me was one that featured myself, Patrick Chamoiseau, Ian McDonald and Hubert Haddad.  Even hearing his words through an interpreter, Patrick Chamoiseau stunned me with his thoughts.  I have to find translations of his essays. Between him and Ian, I felt like I was in a meteor shower of ideas, and could have spun off about 100 novels just from the thoughts they were so casually tossing about.  That panel alone was well worth journeying to France!

And finally (as I am suddenly very tired) I will close with a photo in which I manage to  turn the tables on Antoine Mottier and get a snapshot of him!  We are in the Pygmalion book stall in the big book tent.

I  still have not put up my Imaginales photos, I know.  I did get my camera back, but Giles had already downloaded my pictures.  As soon as he passes them on to me, I will post them, I promise!



8 Responses to Saint-Malo and Etonnants Voyageurs

  1. Happy to see you’re back whole and safe!

    That part of France stole my heart when I went in Normandy (a bit higher on the right on the map) two years ago with my parents. I’ve still having recovered, and is wishing to retire there when the time comes.

    It was rather funny coming back home tonight from work with the tram, there was a young guy reading ‘Dragons et Serpents’ in the seat right next to mine across the way, while I was holding The Inheritance myself. And then he was just behind my seat on the bus, looks like he’s even living in my neighborhood!

    These are the little things that make me happy and smiling. It’s just like having a secret shared by a complete stranger.

    I just love this book by the way. I was wondering yesterday (I do a lot of thinking on my commuting time heh) if it was weird or not to actually prefer one of two authors who are in fact the same person. Thankfully I arrived at the conclusion that I enjoy Megan as much as Robin so far, so no more mind games! heh.

    Have a nice evening and thanks for the photos and the ‘report’. (Ah! that reminds me of Fitz)


  2. Good, you must feel better being home, after all ! 🙂

    Thanks again for coming to Saint-Malo, being patient with the conferences, the photos with us, and the signing… I hope in the end it’s not too much of an ordeal ?
    Anyways, we were always happy to have you come and see France!
    We have some pictures ; what address can I send them to ?

    Like Nadine, I love it when I see someone with one of your books, I just want to ask them so much at what point they’re at !

    Say hi to your cats 😉

  3. Hi Nadine!

    Wish you could have been at Saint-Malo; it would surely have added to a very enjoyable time. How many years has it been since we crossed paths? Too many!


  4. i love saint malo,
    what an epic place! the architecture is stunning, but oh the steps and slopes! haha

  5. Adele, you are so right about all the steep stone steps, and the cobbled streets! They are so lovely to look at, and so challenging when one is in a hurry. I wish I had known of them before I arrived! I had only one pair of flat soled shoes with me. Strappy little sandals with a short heel on those cobbles are for people with a death wish! 😆
    Nonetheless, the cobbled streets are so picturesque!

  6. Oh dear,

    I’m not sure. Time flies and pass by so fast. I know it was 2005 for the Imaginales (because I stumbled on the photos the other day), but I think we also met when you came to Paris after that when we all went for a drink at St Michel with Cecile (if memory serves). And of course the first time was in London and I’ve honestly no idea if that was 2003 or 2004 but around that…
    Gee… Sometimes I have trouble remembering we’re already in the middle of 2011. It’s so hard to believe. Times fly when you’re an adult doesn’t it? I remember being so bored when I was a child and that time was so slow back then.
    Heh, that’ll be the thought of the evening. Time for bed. 😉
    Night night!