Pictures! Cosplay and Window Dragons!

Each one easily worth ten thousand words!

Now, I have to admit that I had coffee with Giles and Vik over on the deck today, and he reminded me that my Imaginales photos were on a thumb drive upstairs in his loft office. But there was coffee to drink and donuts to eat, and that thought quickly fell out of my brain.

But, to make up for that lack, and with a promise that I WILL get them from them, I’ll offer a few different treats.

The first is a link rather than a photo, because when it comes to great cos-players, I think people should see the full spectrum of what they can do rather than just the one wonderful costume based on my books.

So, with great pleasure, let me introduce you to my new online friend, Michelle Marden and her website.  Click on ‘Costume’ to see Malta’s Jamaillian gown.  Here is a bit of her description of creating this:  

“I made lots of hints at her association with dragons in the dress; down the length of each skirt panel are strips of silk with a screen pattern printed on. Over the top of this I embroidered white thread to bring out the pattern and then beaded over the top of this. The red insets are made of a fabric which I had printed with a repeated pattern from a photograph of reptilian scales.  The large collar with the point at the back mimics the neck of the fringed lizard, and the detail on the front is little silver dragons.”

The next cosplayer is a friend from SupaNova.  J was a volunteer for the Supanovas in Brisbane and Melbourne, where she not only worked diligently, she did so in costume and often in persona.  So Cinderella was often the one who ran about keeping all the writers happy while behaving in a perfectly princessly fashion all the while.

More of J’s cosplay costumes and photos can be found at her Deviant Art site.

This second photo is the result of a last minute scheduled visit to a bookstore near Paris.  Nath’à Lire is in St. Maur, and I made a short but wonderful visit there.  Imagine my surprise when I arrived to see that the windows of the shop had been freshly painted.  No, not the window sills, the glass itself, and with a magnificent dragon.

Oh, dear!  I had several other nice images from that signing, but for some reason they are not showing when I upload them!  I will give it a try again later.

And I will remember the Imaginales photos the next time I visit Giles’ office!

12 Responses to Pictures! Cosplay and Window Dragons!

  1. Wow! What an amazing Malta dress! It’s actually extremely close to how I imagine it!
    Very nice dragon too! 😀

  2. Malta’s dress is amazing!! Michelle is so talented, I love the red under skirt.
    Eagerly waiting for the books to be released in ebook format (I have them in paperback, but love my Kindle)

  3. Oh wow, isn’t her gown gorgeous? Love the fabric manipulation in the waistband, and the reptilian print in the split fabric…beautiful.

    And that dragon is fabulous XD

  4. Indeed that young girl is really very much talented with thread and needles but also with brushes and other materials as her portfolio shows!

    I must say that my personal vision of the dress is miles away from what she did so of course I didn’t quite “recognized” Malta’s dress, but she did a really amazing job.

    Methinks that the day she’ll marry, even the richest princess or star won’t have a better or more beautiful dress! 😀

    Thanks a lot for those links, Robin.


  5. I think that I admire cosplay so much for two reasons: One, absolutely no talent for fabric or sewing, and two, far too shy to ever dress up as I would love to!

    If anyone has other links to amazing Hobb or Lindholm cosplay, I’d love to share them here, with, of course,the permission of the creators.

    And, in closing, here is a link to my photo bucket. On this page, a dazzling Taiwanese Fool:

    One of the wonders of both Cosplay and cover art is how the matrix of the creator’s mind is displayed in the final product.

    (There was a Fitz with the Taiwanese Fool, but she fled before I could get my camera. One of those moments I will always regret! Another is that I do not have a name for the costumer. The language barrier was pretty dense in Taiwan for me!)

  6. Hi
    Please please please when are the Farseer and Tawny Man books coming to Kindle in the UK????
    Love these and desperately want them on my Kindle.

  7. Hi Robin,

    It’s Rowena from Supanova in Brisbane and Melbourne. You kindly agreed to be interviewed for my series on female fantasy authors. I’ve lost your business card with your email address. Please email me so we can set up an interview.
    Cheers, R

  8. Hi Robin,

    Just finished The Inheritance and I got my wife to read it too (Not the kind of book she normally reads). We both enjoyed the wonderful stories. There is a definite line between the writings of Megan and Robin. Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your books over the years. I’ve also read a couple of the Ky and Vandian books, which were a lot of fun. Unfortunately, they’re hard to come by.

    I have a question for you that I’ve wanted to ask every fantasy author I’ve ever read…How am I supposed to pronounce “strange word here”? My wife and I were wondering if “Skoag” should be pronounced skow-g or skow-ag, or are we way off? Also, is Ky pronounced Key or Ki?

    I can’t wait to read your next installment. Thanks so much.

    Jason Morin

  9. Hello,

    Will you ever be coming to Australia to do a signing? You have many fans here.

    Thank You


  10. Hi Perth!

    It has been a while since I made it to Perth! Earlier this year, I was on the other coast of Australia with SupaNova.
    I would like to get back to visit Perth one of these days!


  11. Hi Robin,

    And sorry I ment are you ever coming to Perth haha.

    Hopefully on your next australian tour 🙂