I have been home for a few days now, and still have not posted about my amazing journey. A few of my correspondents had been wondering why.  But there is no great mystery. I had an excellent time in France, but wanted to put my photographs up with my account of it. As my camera is still traveling with my assistant Giles, and will not be home for another week, I was going to wait. 

But there are a few things that should be shared right away, with exclamation points.

Marzipan shaped like apricots and tasting like, yes, Apricot Brandy!

A doll of the Fool, complete with Ratsy on his scepter.

A balloon flight over Epinal, including a brush through the uppe leaves of a an oak, and flying over a nesting area of crane-line birds that had nested in the tops of trees!  They were not pleased to see us!

Dinners and luncheons with friends both old and new.  With a shock, I realized that some of these people have been my friends for ten years now.  Others are more recent, and a few friendships are tiny seedlings just planted this year.  All of them, I hope, will yield me harvests for years to come.

The weather was kind, the second Magic Mirrors structure a marvel, and oh, how Imaginales has grown in just ten years.

And why do I always meet English speaking writers inFrance?   I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon Sanderson, N K Jemmison and Peter Brett, and reconnecting with Trudi Canavan, to drop a few writerly names. I   saw old friends Delia Sherman and Ellen Kushner as well.

Chocolate, books, and many other gifts were showeed upon me.  I was glad we had brought such a large suitcase!

So, those brief words will have to do for now, and when my camera arrives home, I will share images that are worth thousands of words of description.

To those who made me feel so welcome and made my visit so wonderful, a thousand thanks!

6 Responses to Imaginales

  1. Sounds phenomenal…balloon flight through the trees with apricot brandy marzipan would have to be just about the perfect day, I think! Can’t wait to see pics!

  2. Jay, it was amazing!!!! As soon as camera gets home, I’ll be loading up my Robin Hobb photobucket with them!


    (And, of course, if you’d like to share any of your Fool/Fitz cosplay photos, they would be welcome there, too!

  3. DragonLady just pointed out to me that ActSF had posted videos on their blog/site of your appearance (as well as many others OH MY GOD Brandon was there too and I missed him! *slaps self*)

    And I must say that I very much enjoyed to see Lionel Davoust on those vids, he’s such a nice guy and a great translator too!

    There are also some photos (actually about 9 pages of photos) on ActuSF forum (some with you – very nice suit with the pink flowers btw)