US Signings!

I have been looking forward to this for what seems like a long time!

This week will be the launch of the US edition of The Inheritance.

This is a story collection by both of my writing names.  I wrote as Megan Lindholm long before I became Robin Hobb, and to this day, I continue to write as Megan Lindholm.  The short stories in this book are old and new, previously published and never before seen, and include a couple of Nebula finalists and a Hugo finalist.  I’m rather pleased to see them presented together like this.

Details of where I will be signing are in the right column on but I’ll summarize them here:

University Book Store, Seattle, Washington on May 5, Thursday at 7 PM

Barnes and Noble in Olympia, Washington on Black Lake Blvd. on May 6, Friday at 6 PM.

Park Place Books, Kirkland, Washington on May 10th at 7 PM.

Powells Books at Beaverton, Oregon, on May 14th.  An afternoon signing at 4 PM.

Garfield Book Company near PLU in Tacoma  on May 18th at 7 PM. (This will be my first time to sign at Garfield Book Company!)

The usual format for these events is that I will do a brief reading, takes some questions, and then sign books.  And, where it is feasible, hang around and drink coffee afterward and chat with people.  These gatherings are my reward for being good and sitting on my chair with my fingers on the keyboard for most of the rest of the year!

I will be bringing ‘door prizes’ to all the signings.  As before, your receipt from the bookstore is your entry.  Just put your name on the back.  It does not have to be a receipt for my book, just for a purchase in the bookstore.

Why do I do this?  Well, it is my way of saying thank you to the venues that host writer events.  When a bookstore puts on an event, it often requires moving furniture, setting up chairs, having extra personnel on site, and sometimes even staying open late. All of that consumes time and funds.  So I like to encourage attendees to actually make a purchase, any purchase, at the store that is hosting the event.

I should add that I’m happy to sign any book of mine that you bring in, even if you bought it last week or fifteen years ago! You don’t have to wait and buy it during the event.

20 Responses to US Signings!

  1. Yay! So excited to meet you! You and Robert Jordan are my two absolute favourite authors so it will be an honour to meet you in person. See you at Park Place books on the 10th!

  2. I wish your right hand a lot of courage for this few days and hope you will enjoy them!


  3. I was so disappointed “Words like coins” wasn’t included in “The Inheritance”. The book was quite good though.

    I already bought legends for the short story therein, but spending upwards of 70 dollars for a short story (“A Fantasy Medley”) is a bit of a stretch for “Words like coins” as that is the only price I can get for a copy.

    Are you thinking of making your short stories available as e-books at any point? Not that you probably make that decision directly due to the big dark evil suit wearing publishers/media/corporate types that stand like a tower casting an ominous and intentional shadow over us all.

    I read the first chapter on a blog, now I want to know about the Pecksies, and not knowing the end of a story is like taking a bite of a steak and then being told you aren’t allowed to swallow and can’t have another bite… so sad.

  4. Hi Robin,

    Are you ever going to visit the great United Kingdom? I would love to come to a signing but i dont think i could aford the fare to america!
    Many thanks
    Leanne x x x

  5. Hi Leanne!

    I am sure that I will visit the UK again, even if it’s not on my schedule this time!

    And when I do, you will learn about it first here! Thanks for asking.


  6. Hi Christopher!
    Thanks for your query about “Words Like Coins”. There simply wasn’t room to put all the stories into one volume.

    E-books for short stories is an area that I am just starting to explore. There are so many different formats for different readers, and then different venues for offering the e-books.

    But soon I will be venturing to dive in!

    And actually, my publishers do not cast a shadow over me doing this. They have been very supportive and forward thinking in this area. That is why you will find the Hobb books so available as e-books!


  7. Hi Robin,

    I’m glad to see that this new novel is being release by you and interested in reading each and all of the stories within. I have all of your novels listed on the site and have thought for awhile to send you some praise. I realize you are extremely popular and I can imagine how busy you are, but I wish to hopefully meet you someday. Living on the other side of the country, it isn’t the easiest to interact, I’d skill to you if I could. 😀 I am located in Massachusetts and with reading your books have visited places I never could imagine. You may have heard similar things before, but you are a genius and your thought processing and imagination work on terms unfathomable. I am a pretty intelligent person, but when I read your books I just can’t come to terms on how you created and developed the stories, characters, settings, and emotions that you did so strongly. Not only do you have an untouchable story(ies), but there are lessons and morals taught through your writing. Thank you for what you have done. I have read many books and other than “The Big Book”, nothing has effected me in so many ways as your work. Sorry for rambling, can’t wait to explore The Inheritance.

    David S

  8. Puh, Robin, you are really on the road. I envy all people in every country, that will be able to meet you. One day you have to come to Germany. Do you think, there is a chance at some time ?
    Since today I’m a proud owner of an ebook-reader and hope, that I can download some of your books, i.e. Farseer. Some months ago I bought the english paperback version of the farseer for my next summer-holidays (I don’t want to take the hardcovers with me. They are simply to dear to me.) I was a bit disappointed, as I can hardly read the books, because the scripture is so small. O.k., I’m your age, but still –I’m normally not that blind :mrgreen: . With an ebook-reader this shouldn’t be a problem anymore.
    Have a good time wherever you are, take care and come home safely.
    P.S.: I loved The Inheritance. Some of the stories really touched me. The preface to every story is a nice idee, because it made me feel a bit close to you. Thanks a lot for this wonderful book.

  9. Are you still going to be signing at Garfield Books May 18th? I did not find any mention of it on their website 🙁

  10. I am definitely signing at Garfield Books on May 18th! I’ll see you there, Sara.

    And that signing will also feature a door-prize basket with books and other goodies!


  11. Hello,

    Will this book be available in audio at any time? I am a visually impaired reader and would very much like to read this book. I have never been able to find any of the books you have written under Megan Lindholm in audio.


  12. Recently a friend of mine sudenly became a recluse. When she surfaced for a bit of online gaming, it became apparent we were keeping her from a world much more to her liking than Azeroth. “The Assassins Apprentice” over and over was mentioned until I had but little choice except to put this book top on my list of priorities. I am now a fan! Thank you

  13. Hi robin I love your farseer books which I just started im 14 so I feel confident with them. Just wondering as a fan, will you be visiting colorado any time soon I would love to come to a book signing and I really like your books thanks for writing them.

  14. A couple of quick answers:
    Stephen, I love Colorado. I went to DU for my freshman year, and fell in love with the state then. I don’t have immediate plans for a visit but someday I’ll get there!

    Sonja, it may be awhile before this book becomes a commercial audio book. But I do hope you know of the services that our Library of Congress furnishes, free of charge, for anyone who is visually impaired. You local library can help you sign up for them. Books in Braille are only one aspect of this. Audio books and the equipment to access them are a bit part of the service, including access to books and magazines that are not commercially available in audio format. I encourage you to contact your local library for more information. It’s a great service.


  15. Robin,

    Thanks. I have been a loyal library patron for many years. I was just hoping I could get it sooner rather than later. 🙂

    Thanks for the quick reply and i hope to see you at the signing in my area.


  16. WOW you went to DU thats awesome and thanks for responding. do you have any tips for a young writer?

  17. Stephen, I really only have one tip. WRITE! Write a lot. Keep entering words onto the screen or into a spiral notebook, one character at a time. Write and write and write! Don’t let critics discourage you and don’t let friends over inflate your estimation of your writing. Write, and let it cool, and while it is doing that, write some more. And some day, you will pick up a piece of your writing, read it over and think, “I really like that!” And that is even better than the first time you get published.

    Good luck!