Too Busy to Get Anything Done

I’m having one of those days.  There are too many attractive things to do, and I’m wandering from one to the next without completing any of them.

Cut down the dead bush in the garden, but I’m not quite energetic enough to get out there with the shovel and dig out the roots.  I know I should do it.  But then I should also put down landscaping fabric (to keep the weeds down; have to buy that first.)And then I need to cut some holes in the fabric and pop some new plants in (Have to buy those still.)  And then I should put bark or other mulch over the fabric (need to buy that, too!) 

And I don’t really feel like sacrificing the sunny day to go to the store.  Instead, I’d rather sit outside on the swing like a kid and do nothing.  My grand-daughter caught me at that yesterday.

Photo by Alexsandrea Ogden

So.  I should pay the bills, answer all the email, and do those revisions.  I really should.  But looking out the window at a sunny day is not making it any easier!

Tomorrow, I will be down in Beaverton, Oregon at Powell’s Books.  Looking forward to seeing Peter again at the store, and wandering their stacks.  I always come home with a sack of books from there. If you live anywhere in that area and you haven’t browsed their store, you are in for a treat!

But, if I’m spending the day tomorrow on the drive down to Oregon, I’d best get some of my work done today!

Nose to the grindstone!  No matter how painful!


12 Responses to Too Busy to Get Anything Done

  1. I agree, sometimes you have to take the sunny day-especially this time of year! Was hoping to make it to Powells but intrusions prevailed. Love any excuse to go to Oregon – Slainte!

  2. Aw, no way! You deserve a day off! My Mum and I absolutly ADORE your books, we were so sad we couldn’t meet you while you were in Australia 🙁 Oh well, maybe another time 😀

  3. “Instead, I’d rather sit outside on the swing like a kid and do nothing. My grand-daughter caught me at that yesterday.”

    Sounds perfect to me! This put a smile on my face and also put me in mind of the picture book ‘Big Cat Dreaming’ by Australian author Margaret Wild and illustrator Anne Spudvilas…I can certainly picture YOU climbing a tree while playing hide-and-seek with your grandchildren, Robin! 😀

    Nice photo!


  4. is there gonner be another book to join the rain wild chronicles as i have enjoed all your other books to much i am hoping there isa continuous tale of there growning with the dragons my favorite dragon been sintara

  5. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for creating such wonderful stories. I didn’t think I could find an adventure as exciting as Fitzchivalary’s, but I am equally absorbed with the Rain Wild Chronicles. I am in the middle of Dragon Haven as we speak, but am starting to get a bit panicked that I will finish it only to feel that little well of emptiness as I wait for the next volume, ha ha. Just wondering if there is any news on the publication of the next volume in the UK? I haven’t been able to source a date anywhere across the net… Keep up the fantastic work and I hope to pop across the channel to see you at Fnac next week.

    Kindest regards,

  6. As of this moment, the next volume will come out in April or May of 2012.

    Generally speaking, the books come out about a year apart. This years book from me is a story collection, The Inheritance. If you are enjoying the Rain Wilds Chronicles, you might like the story “Homecoming” in the collection. It’s about the first forays into the RainWilds.

    Thanks for your interest!

  7. There will be a couple more books in the Rain Wilds Chronicles. The next volume should come out in April or May of 2012.

    Thanks for your interest!


  8. I definitely hope there will be another time! I always enjoy my visits to Australia.

    Or perhaps live will bring you up to northern climes!


  9. Robin,

    Unless you vacuum clean it once a week, landscaping fabric does not work.
    Weeds will happily grow on top of it in the flimsiest layer of dirt that you cannot avoid from collecting there.
    Some will grow their roots right through. I have a potted plant in my front garden that has grown through the pot and the fabric and into the ground, I can’t lift the pot anymore.
    The Ents destroyed Isengard with their roots, so a little fabric is no obstacle at all.