On To Olympia!

Last night, I had a wonderful time at the University Book Store in Seattle.  Traffic made me a few minutes late to the event, but everyone was kind and patient about the delay.  They even put up with my rather ‘mush mouthed’ reading as a swollen lip from a stupid mishap earlier in the day had me mispronouncing my own text!  Kestrel won the door prize basket, and went off with a couple of books, candles, tea, a book mark and a few other goodies.

Today at 6 I’ll be at the Barnes and Noble store in Olympia on Black Lake Boulevard.  I’ll be reading from The Inheritance and signing books afterwards.  I always have a good time there, and yes, I’ll be bringing a door prize basket!  Bring a Barnes and Noble receipt as your entry form!  It does not have to be for the purchase of my book; any receipt can go in the basket. It’s my small way of thanking stores that invite authors in for events.

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  1. Hi Robin, thought I would quickly say how much I am enjoying the short stories in The Inheritance. Up to this point i’d taken great pride in reading, re-reading, treble-reading the Hobb books and putting together a collection of first ed. hardbacks which is my pride and joy! This book has introduced me to a whole new side of your writing and to be honest in some cases a genre I hadn’t explored.

    Fantastic work, I’m really looking forward to the next book, and in the meantime I will continue to foster the growing ambition to get into writing myself – finding it very daunting at the moment though!

    All the best from the UK, Gareth

  2. Hi Gareth!
    Glad to hear you are enjoying the stories. I do feel that the Megan Lindholm stories and voice are substantially different from Robin Hobb’s.
    As far as your writing–well, what do you have to lose? Jump in! It all happens one keystroke at a time.


  3. Hi Robin,

    I didnt know where else I could put this. The other day I just finished reading Assassins Quest. Unfortunately, I am left speechless, they were just that amazing. Thank you very much for introducing me to Fitz’ world while you were at Supanova. It has been quite a ride with him. So much pain and anguish that I felt along with the characters. The joys and the triumphs just felt so real.
    My heart aches to leave the Six Duchies, even if it is only untill I can get the Tawny Man Trilogy.
    Before meeting you having read none of your books (which I feel bad admitting after reading them), I will say you now have a loyal reader who will always be happy to greet you if you make your way back to Melbourne in the future.

    Thanks again, for now and all the wild journeys of the future.

    Your friendly Supanova Staff-member.

  4. Thanks for hanging out with us Olympians! Always a good time! Already finished Megans stories. “Drum machine” was an absolute horror! I’m still shivering! Cheers!

  5. For the moment I will try and complete my first-person day in the life perspective of the truly insane little 9-month old tabby we gave a home to. Her thoughts on the ongoing investigation into The Forbidden Wardrobe (because work clothes live in there) are fun to write at the moment, as long as no one else reads them!

    Anyway, it’s also really nice that you interact with fans this way. Cheers for the reply!

  6. Hi Robin,
    I just this morning finished reading Dragonkeeper (making me late for work – that’s a sign of a good book!) and I LOVED it! I adored the Mad Ships books and I will definitely be reading Dragonkeeper’s sequel, (but not until I’m on holiday or I won’t be getting any other essential things done!).

    Thank you for writing these books and thank you to your/your publisher for making them available on the kindle (lack of shelf space means I now have a kindle and that I get to read tons more books!).

  7. Thanks so much for the kind words! I’ll repay the favor by referring you to today’s blog (May 11) that features a link to Book View Cafe, and some excellent books for your Kindle!
    Sympathy for your lack of shelf space! I’m experimenting with a Nook myself.

  8. It was great to see you again, and thanks for the beer!
    I put my hand in my pocket a few days later, and found the pick you gave me. Such a nice little piece of stone, with a very good feel to it. Thank you!

  9. Tai, many thanks to you and all the volunteers that made SupaNova such a wonderful experience for all the guests. Seriously, I know that I have never been better treated than I was at SupaNova. I hope you are going on to have a great time at Perth!
    And thanks for the kind words about the books, too!


  10. Robin-

    I was all set to venture to Tacoma tomorrow but now I’m not so sure I can!! Will you make it over to Eastern Washington anytime soon?!