Garfield Book Company

On Wednesday, May 18th, I’ll be signing books at Garfield Book Company!  For those of you who know Tacoma and the surrounding area, it’s just off Pac Ave right near PLU. 

This is my first time to sign there but I’ve been a customer any number of times.  It’s a great bookstore, with an exceptional kids’ section on the ground floor, a wonderful upstairs loft of books, and because it serves Pacific Lutheran University, all sorts of PLU items.  There is also a lovely gift section of Scandinavian influenced items.

And there’s a good pizza place right nearby, too.

So, even if you don’t want me to sign your book, it’s a great place to drop in.  If you come by tomorrow about 7, however, I’ll be there to read, sign books, and you can enter in the drawing for the door prize baskets.  It includes a copy of Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb, and a copy of The Gypsy, by Steven Brust and Megan Lindholm. The other goodies in the basket relate to the stories in The Inheritance.

Hope to see you there!


6 Responses to Garfield Book Company

  1. I would love to attend a reading/signing but sadly can’t do you the 7 hour drive. I see on your website that a Seattle book store has signed copies or can get signed copies. Can I purchase signed copies of the Farseer Trilogy?

    Thanks! And I am so sad I can’t make it. Your Farseer books are really what made me enjoy reading when it was never something that interested me.

  2. Do wish you’d stop by England soon.
    Just out of interest do you think you would ever do some work that is vastly different to your fantasy and Sci fi works? Like contemporary fiction?

    Much love & take care of yourself

  3. Krissy, yes, Duane at University Book Store in Seattle can set that up for us. Basically, you buy the book from the store and let them know you want it signed and dedicated. And Duane makes it happen.
    He’s magic!

  4. Hi Richard!

    I am sure I will eventually get back to England. I always enjoy my visits there.

    I think my heart will always be in writing fantasy. But if I got a brilliant idea for another type of story, I would not hesitate.

  5. I really enjoyed meeting you at the Garfield Book Company yesterday. It’s always nice to hear & see the real person behind the stories I come to love.

    Make the most of the sunny days ahead this week!


  6. Hi Robin.

    I echo Richards sentiments that it would be great to see you over in England. I came to the Farseer around 8 months ago and am currently up to Liveship Traders 3. I have absolutely fallen in love with the books and can’t wait to get through more.

    It would be fantastic if you came to England and toured around…instead of staying in London. In my hometown, we have a literacy festival every October. It’s called the Morley literature festival and I would love for you to make an appearance there in the future.