Epinal and Imaginales!

This will be a very short post. 

I am off to the tents by the river!  It’s a cool fresh morning with a bit of a breeze and a few clouds in a blue sky.  My favorite sort of day.  I know that all sorts of fascinating people are already gathering and I cannot wait to join them!

The signings in Paris on Wednesday went very well, and I hope to be posting photographs soon.  But this morning I am going to hurry out the door and down to Imaginales.  I hope that many of you can join me there!

2 Responses to Epinal and Imaginales!

  1. Hi Robin!
    Thank you very much for signing my Dragon Haven and yes, there should be dragons in there! It was a Real pleasure to see and hear you again 😀
    I hope you had a good day and met interesting people!
    All the best

    Sophie C

  2. Robin, hope you enjoy Paris! I’ve never been to the City of Lights, but my wife has been there. She actually liked Southern France the most, she claims. Just want to let you know I really enjoying your book “Assassin’s Quest”. The first two books in the series were smokers, but the last book in the series is astounding! Best book I’ve read in ages. A film adaption by a skillful director would be a wonderful event indeed!!