Just a quick note.

WOW!  And they tell me that Friday is the quiet day of this festival.  So much was going on and there were so many peopole, all having a wonderful time.  The costumes!  The gaming!  Merchandise of all sorts related to every aspect of pop culture. 

And I should mention that during this festival, my books are going to be on sale at SupaNova in a ‘buy two books of a trilogy, get the third one free!’  That’s a hard deal to beat anywhere.

So. Going to sleep now, and looking forward to a great day tomorrow.


Decided I had to add more to last nights comments!

I’ll be doing a panel this morning at 11:30, just a general one on being a fantasy writer, and then signing afterwards.  I’m right by the main door as you come in, on the right!  You can’t miss us. 

Then, at 1 PM, we launch Jennifer Fallon’s new book, The Undivided.  This is the start of a whole new tale, The Rift Runners.  For those of us who believe that the world of Fey is still just a heartbeat away from our world, this is a treasure.

Time to run out the door!


4 Responses to SupaNova!

  1. SuperNova sounds FANTASTIC, and what a terrific deal for buying books as gifts (or to have as spares when you have Hobb books that look like mine eg pages downturned, scribbled notes all over so that they detract rather than enhance the reading experience of others to follow!).

    Sleep? Who can sleep?! This closer to forty than thirty-year-old is far, far too excited! :mrgreen:

    Sweet dreams Robin…

  2. SupaNova IS fantastic! The atmosphere was astounding. I was so happy to be able to see and hear Robin there on Saturday. Had her sign my Assassin’s Apprentice from 1996. It was great to meet other RH fans as well. Enjoy Oz, Robin. We are honoured to have you visit.