Out of Sync with Time

Again.  So I’ve been awake since 4 AM, reading and answering email. Don’t have quite the concentration level for actual writing work. 

Trolls and Legends has been wonderful so far!  I shared a ride here with Russ Nicholson and Jackie.  Russ is an artist who has work on exhibit this weekend.  He’s best known perhaps for his work on the Fiend Folio for the UK edition of Dungeons and Dragons.  And this illustrates yet again the best part of fesitivals such as this, which is the cross-pollination of all things fantasy.  I also encountered Richard Morgan and very much enjoyed catching up with him since our last meeting four or five years ago at Imaginales.

The venue is lovely, a great hall divided up into spaces for music, art, gaming, books, costumes and all other things fantasy.  The entry is decorated with art contributed by school children, of an excellent quality.  Dragons are very much in evidence everywhere!  I hope to arrive early enough today that I can browse through the Fairy Market before it becomes packed with visitors!  The pre-registered guests have zoomed in number since last year, so I anticipate that this will be the largest and best Trolls&Legendes ever.

Today was a day for people to set up their booths, hang art, and make all the final adjustments for the festival.  It was a good time for me to wander about a bit and get a feel for the lay out of the hall.  I had glimpses of old friends and met many new ones. At these gatherings, the challenge is always to find a time and a place for good conversation as there are so many interesting people and wonderful displays.   There are simply so many people I want to meet and talk to that there are not enough hours in the day.

Tonight was a night for music at Trolls and Legends.  I was able to catch part of Dunkelshon set.  Lively crowd and good music! The costumes began to come into evidence.  There were poi spinners and balloons bouncing about overhead.  Unfortunately for me, that was when my jet lag caught up with me and I had to retreat to the hotel before long.  And now of course, I am wide awake and listening to bird song through my open window.

Very excited about today!  I hope to meet many readers and artists of all sorts! 


15 Responses to Out of Sync with Time

  1. It was so lovely to meet you, you are so sweet! thank you for signing my book and a few stickers for my boyfriend 🙂

  2. Thank you (again) for signing my book (or your book, I should say) ! I was a shy stuttering girl among many people yesterday afternoon. I am really glad that I had the opportunity to see you.

  3. We have so much enjoyed meeting you. You made my daughter Floor so happy by accepting her drawings. It means a great deal to here knowing that you have them.
    We hope that you will visit the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands again some day and that we would be able to meet you once more.
    All the best, Meike and Floor 🙂

  4. It was realy great meeting you in Mons. You made my daughter Floor very happy by accepting her drawings of Fitz and the others. Thank you so much for that, you made her day. Her next project wil be Regal. I hope you will visit THE Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands again some day so we could meet you again.
    I wish you alle the best. Meike

  5. Hello Robin!

    It was soooo great to meet you at Trolls&Légendes on Saturday.I fear I’m now suffering even more from Hobbaddiction!! 🙄
    Thank you very much for signing my two books. See you maybe at Les Imaginales. Have a good journey home.

    Sophie, France

  6. Hi Robin
    I’ve got the big honour to meet you saturday afternoon and got a dedicace for my husband and I even if it was “out of time” as you had to go for your conference. Again thanks a lot for it but first of all thanks for having giving us the opportunity to follow you in your Stories and to give us so much pleasure in reading and please go on opening the gates of new adventures.
    Good way back home

  7. I hope you spent a wonderful weekend here in Belgium!

    We saw you from a distance and couldn’t make it to you personally because of our soundcheck, too bad but we’ll have another chance I hope :).

    See you and thank you so much for the stories you tell us!

  8. I hote that you have loved our country and drink one or tow of good belgian beer.
    I have missed you at the signing time because my daughter have ton drink her milk. 🙁 (bad girl ^^). I was sodisapointed.
    So i hope that you will go again in Belgian, and that time, i’ll don’t miss you.

  9. Thanks a lot for signing my book even if it was late (~18h30, I heard you weren’t supposed to come back but came anyway). I hope you enjoyed Belgium!

  10. Thanks for signing my book, it was a pleasure meeting you! I may have become a bit fangirlish and forgotten to tell you that you write the kind of books I wish I’d written. I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard it, though! I hope you enjoyed the rest of Trolls & Légendes and have caught up on lost sleep by now. 😀

  11. Hello Robin !

    Thank you so much for signing my books ! I’m the one who gave you a hug, in the video. My cameraman Marie isn’t really good in English and she messed up the translation. She didn’t tell me ” Are you pretty, Mary ? ” but ” Are you happy, Mary ? ” *laugh* Well, I was really happy indeed. It was such a pleasure to meet my favorite author ! Thank you again, I hope you had a good time in Belgium ^^


  12. She made me very happy with such lovely portraits of my characters.

    We will stay in touch!

    I do hope someday to come to Elf Fantasy Fair again. It was such a wonderful adventure the last time I was there.


  13. Oh, my. I need to find out why my replies do not stay with the comments I’m answering!
    To everyone who posted here, thank you so much for making me so welcome. I truly had a wonderful time in Belgium. and yes, the chocolate was excellent!