Mid-Morning in Sydney

And I’m going to make another foray to the Botanical gardens. The weather is mocking me. Sunny outside my hotel room, raining when I go outside. So I think I shall just go enjoy getting wet!

Tonight I’ll be at Dendy Theatre Newtown, King Street, Newtown for a reading, a question and answer session, and then book signing from 6:30 to8:30! Hope to see lots of readers there!

7 Responses to Mid-Morning in Sydney

  1. I wish I could have met you while you were here in Australia. However, I have no time or money to travel interstate at the moment. 🙂 Life gets in the way sometimes, but that is its job.

    Glad you enjoyed your stay.

  2. Just to say how excited my friends and I are to see/meet you tonight robin! : 😀
    We are the true HOBBits 😉

  3. What? I don’t know why, but I thought this was tomorrow. Nooooo. I hope you’ll be at the Sydney SupaNova?

  4. Thanks for tonight at the Dendy – it was wonderful to hear you and your stories! Thank you for answering our questions so thoughtfully -time went so quickly…

    All the best for Melbourne! I hope they turn on some lovely weather for you 🙂

  5. Racing out of the hotel this morning, so I can’t reply to each post here as I like to! But so many thanks to everyone who made me so welcome at the Dendy! And Artyzip, I will not be at the Sydney SupaNova. I’m scheduled for the Melbourne one, and then home. Jennifer Fallon will be there, however. Maybe I can leave some autograph stickers with her and you could ask her for them? I’ll ask her.


  6. Hi Robin, good to see you are enjoying Australia.. It’s such a shame that you’re not coming over to the West – Perth-ites would have so loved to see you here…

    Maybe next time. Looking forward to getting a hold of your latest book.

    Thank you for all the wonderful times you have given me when I read your books 🙂

  7. Puh, I am sooooooooooo envious ! I’d love to be in Australia and meet you and talk and listen to you. And have you signed all my Hobb and Lindholm-Books, which is quite an ecercise, as I have a lot in both english and german.
    I’d love to talk about the stories. Although, perhaps I’m not the right person for it as I’m normally not into short-stories. But your books I simply cannot resist :mrgreen: .
    Starting with „Homecoming“, I fell back right into the rain wilds. It’s great to read about the first colonising. The boys have just discovered the Elderling-city. It is so splendid how your words make me imagine everything – this whole atmosphere – wonderful ! It’s almost like „homecoming“ for me.
    Thank you for this, Robin and keep enjoying Australia !