Wow!  Beautiful sunshine and beautiful city!

And of course you know that I used my opportunity to wander about today, not to shop, but to look at more trees and birds. But I also got to vist Cook’s Cottage,  domicile of the redoubtable Captain Cook, which was transported here from England.  It was a fascinating glimpse of how simply people once lived.  Then the rest of the exhibit, which charted his voyages, was just breath-taking.  On a sailing ship!  Alaska, Washington state and Australia all were visited by this same explorer. 

Also visited the carved Fairy Tree again, which I recalled from my last visit here. And I will admit I did a bit of shopping.  In a bookstore, of course, to get very Australian books for the grandkids. 

Came back when the sun got a bit too hot for me, and dutifully worked on my book.  The harder I work, the more it grows!  Oh, dear!  But there is just so much to tell about the Rain Wilds, and the Selden thread is threatening to get completely out of control!

Tomorrow is Melbourne SupaNova and I’m very excited!  We’ll be launching Isobel Carmody’s The Wilful Eye, a stunning collection of re-told fairy tales.  She chose to retell Rumplestiltskin, one of my favorites!  So looking forward to this.Wilful Eye cover art


8 Responses to Melbourne

  1. Dear Robin, I’m glad you’re having a wonderful time in Australia… but I’m dying with curiosity about Selden! I cannot wait until 2012! 😥

    Best wishes


  2. Glad you’re enjoying Melbourne. For my part I’m eagerly waiting your visit in Belgium, I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!

  3. Hi Robin, it was great to hear you speak today at Supanova. I very much enjoyed your readings.

    And thanks for the autograph in my copy of ‘Asassins Apprentice’
    I hope you enjoy your visit to Oz.

  4. Hi Cat!

    There was a possibility I could visit Portugal, but unfortunately the time schedule for that just didn’t work out this year. 🙁 But someday, I’m going to get there!

    Thanks for asking!

  5. Hoping to see you soon! I’ll be heading out to SupaNova in about 20 minutes. I’m super excited to check it out ;D