Meanwhile, Over On The Plenty . . .

Mervi was hosting a wonderful contest!

I’m going to let the details be something you discover on The Plenty!   If you haven’t visited that site, it’s a wonderful Robin Hobb fan site, full of news and updates.  Often Mervi manages to post news about books before I get it listed here!

It has a lively community of readers, so you’ll be meeting new friends as well.

Oops!  Time to run out the door, so I’ll just leave with a hint of what the prize for the contest is:

I won’t even mention the dragon figurine here . . .   🙂

Have to pull myself together and run off for the very last day of SupaNova Melbourne!  We’ve had such a wonderful time, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye!


5 Responses to Meanwhile, Over On The Plenty . . .

  1. Thanks for coming to Melbourne – it was great to meet you. I hope you have enjoyed your time in Melbourne; hopefully you were able to see more than just the convention.

    And thank you for signing all my books!


  2. I bought a kindle-found Robin Hobb liveship trilogy- followed by………… Followed by….. And have been in a different world ever since-work and housework are intolerable interruptions – what a wonderful gift!