Home Again, Home Again . . .

Trolls et Legends 2011 Invite d'honneur
Trolls et Legends 2011 Invite d’honneur

And as you can see, I brought a friend!

This lovely fellow was given to me at Trolls&Legendes.   He will remain in my office as a lovely memento of a trip to Belgium that was far too short!
I met many lovely people there, enjoyed some amazing costuming (there were a number of stilted costumes that towered over us as they stamped about!), had some great conversations over good food and listened to some lively music.  Including some played on a rather interesting axe!  There were, of course, wandering musicians as well, who added a great deal to the mood at the gathering.Music behind me at the signing tables
So, I signed many books, met many friends, and then endured the long airplane ride home.  Since then, it has taken me a day or so to catch up with myself, so please excuse the long silence.
Tacoma, of course, greeted me in its own peculiar way.  Sitting at my kitchen table yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon, full daylight, I saw a coyote come streaking down the street and dash into the yard of house across the street. 
Luckily all my cats were inside!


12 Responses to Home Again, Home Again . . .

  1. Hello Robin Hobb !

    i’m Diego, like your cat 😉
    We met on saturday morning in Troll et Légende and it was a plesur to see you.

    Did you liked Belgium ? Have you eat some chocolate ? :mrgreen:

    Have a nice day !

  2. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for writing some of the best stories I’ve ever experienced.

    It was with incredible delight that I wandered past the fantasy section of Waterstones bookshop and saw that you have been writing a new set of books about Elderlings.

    I’ve devoured Keeper and Haven in little under a week! Any hints on how long the wait will be for the next installment?

    Best wishes for Spring and sunshine!

    David, Cornwall.UK

  3. With a bit of luck, the next installment in the Rain Wild Chronicles will be published about this time in 2012. We’re doing the edits on it right now. So, it’s a bit of a wait. But we are hoping to bring out the concluding volume just a few months after that rather than a year later.

  4. Oh, I remember you, then! Yes, Diego, like my cat, but I think he is a bit more orange than you are! Yes, I did get into some Belgian chocolate and it was excellent.

    I had such a wonderful time at Trolls&Legendes.


  5. No problem Robin, I was very happy to discover your answer !

    Indeed, your cat should be more orange and bigger also, according what you said in Troll&Légende, which was an awsome festival thanks to your presence 😀

    Sunday, my girlfriend goes back to France which will make me very sad but fortunately I will finally read the rest of the first part of Dragon Haven on the phone 😉

    I really love the Rain Wild !
    The characters are amazing and some of them make me laugth like Sintara or Capitaine Leftrin :mrgreen:

    I send you a lot of belgian sunshines !

  6. Hello Robin !

    As a reader and apprentice writer, it’s a great pleasure and a great honor to finally meet you. I’ve met Fitz and the Realm of the Elderlings long time ago but my affection for them still there. My journey in your universe was a really great adventure !
    It was, in substence, what I wanted to tell you at Trolls et Légendes but I was barely able to stammer… Anyway, I was really happy to see you, you’re one of my writers models and thank you very much for your universe (and the photo ! See my blog, yes, I was the guy with the Batman t-shirt !)

  7. Robin, I love the dragon plaque thingy – what a nice touch and fantastic idea, Trolls and Legendes organisers!

    My son returned only a few days ago from a trip to France, Belgium and Turkey (ANZAC Cove for ANZAC Day and visiting other Australian war sites of the Western Front) and brought back a block of Belgian chocolate and some Turkish Delight for us. He said he was given “a fantasic deal” for buying a heap of chocolate while in Belgium (a deal that included lots of free gifts, because he was Australian) but “It all tasted so good, Mum, that I just HAD to eat it. Even the gifts. Sorry.”

    Thankfully he’s not a fan of dark chocolate so at least he managed to save us a block of that!! :mrgreen:


  8. Hello 😀
    I attended the “Trolls & Légendes” signing in Mons too and I was very glad to meet you :-D. I thought that it was very kind of you to come back from the conference and resume signing books. You must have been exhausted after so many hours. I just wanted to tell you and other fans that Russ Nicholson left a post (+photos) in which he praises your courage at the festival (http://russnicholson.blogspot.com/, post entitled MAY DAY). Also, I wanted to tell you that when I read your Farseer trilogy on days when I feel sad, I go into your world for a bit and then come back to reality feeling better. It feels like taking energy from your books, they are “nourishing” to me :-D. So I just wanted to say thank you :-D.
    Best wishes,

  9. That was so nice of Russ! And he has come great pictures of Trolls and Legendes.

    If you ever have a chance to attend this festival, do so! It was wonderful.