Farewell to Melbourne SupaNova

So sorry to see it end! Had an absolutely wonderful time on Sunday. The panel was well attended, and I met a lot of readers.

I think the high point of my day was a conga line of costumed participants that just seemed to spontaneously form and dance through the convention hall. Spectacular!

Tomorrow, I’ll meet a few internet friends in this reality for coffee. I’m looking forward to that!

Tuesday, I’ll be home and back in the writing harness until it’s time to run off to Belgium for Trolls and Legends.

9 Responses to Farewell to Melbourne SupaNova

  1. See you in Mons then, I wouldn’t miss it for anything! PS: do you know if we will be able to buy the The Inheritance there ?

  2. I was in that conga line!

    Thank you once again for autographing all my books, for reading to us, answering all of our questions and especially for visiting Melbourne.

    Please come back soon 😀

  3. Sean Chapman from the 501st was the leader, starter and mischief maker of that line, my role was participation, good one Sean.

  4. It was great fun to watch you conga pass, as the line just seemed to get longer and longer as more and more cosplayers joined in. It was delightful!

  5. I’m pretty sure there will be book dealers there who know what writers will be there and will do their best to be sure there is a good supply of books. So I hope the answer is ‘yes’!

  6. It was a dream come true to finally meet you in person! I had been thinking of what I would say to you for 2 weeks but when I finally got there I was just awestruck and “hello” was the best I could think of!

    Your books are by far my favorite as my rather well loved and now signed Assassins Apprentice shows. I read them all the time, lost count long ago of how many times I’ve read them. Start from that and read through the Farseer and Tawny man trilogy’s over and over again. Also read the Liveship trilogy a few times and looking forward to completing the soldier son and everything that comes after that!

    Also trying to get my hands on all the Megan Lindholm books but I find them rather difficult to find in stores in Australia.

    Thank you so much for coming to Melbourne! I’ll be sure to be seeing you every time you return.

  7. I went to Supanova especially to see you, but got all shy when you signed my book and all I could say was hello and thank you!! Really enjoyed the Q&A session, thanks for coming to Aus, hope you enjoyed your time here and will come back soon! Cheers, Michelle