Farewell Australia

I had an absolutely wonderful time.  Today was the frosting on the cake!  I had morning coffee with two newsgroup readers, Meagan and Patrick.  Then I had lunch and did a bit of shopping with Cinderella!  Of course, J and Alyssa and Christine came along, and we discovered a wonderful paper and writing supply shop.  I am taking home a very special treasure box of Buckkeep jewelry and two wonderful books for my grandchildren.

Dinner with Jack Dann!  Need I say more?

Hard to say goodbye to all the fun, but it’s time to go home and get some work done now!  Until it’s time to play at Trolls and Legends!

Thanks to all who gave me and my books such a warm reception.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading them!

6 Responses to Farewell Australia

  1. I just learned you’re going to be in Belgium next weekend! I would come see you but alas, i’m way too broke. so enjoy the fries in my lovely country and have lots of fun!

  2. Thank you so much Robin, it was so wonderful to spend time with you, after I left I was kicking myself that I didn’t ask you more questions!! Thank you again for your patience in answering the questions you did. Please come back soon!

  3. It was an absolute honour to meet you and the insights you gave at the Sunday panel have given me such a new way of looking at your writing! Thank you for a great experience, and I hope you’ll come back to Melbourne soon!

  4. Dear Robin,

    I am so glad I attended your reading in Sydney this month.

    The feline outline detail was inspired.

    Thanks for your time and words.


  5. I only found out you were here after you had left. I am kicking myself that i missed you? Do you have plans to return again soon? You are amazing! Your books helped me survive a broken arm at the start of a Japan ski trip. Thank you.

  6. Robin,
    I am so glad that I finally got the chance to meet you, even if it was only briefly.

    You are a truly inspirational individual and I look forward you getting stuck into another one of your books 🙂

    Fondest regards