Dutch Cover Art, or A Picture Is Truly Worth 10,000 Words

As an author I’ve been blessed with the good fortune of having amazing cover artists for my books.  And this goes back all the way to my very first US cover for my very first book, Harpy’s Flight.  Kinuko Y Kraft was not as well known then as now!  This was my very first cover ever.

In the years since then, as my work has been translated into different languages, I’ve seen quite an array of covers and a huge variety of interpretations of my characters.  If you’d like to see just some of the art, click on the tab ‘Novels’ on my Robinhobb.com home page.  This will take you first to US covers of books. But, for each title, if you click on the US cover, you will be transported to a page that shows a sampling of the international covers, equally dazzling.

Today I’m going to showcase some of the art on currently available Robin Hobb books in the Netherlands.  So, without more ado:Dutch Cover for Shaman's Crossing

Dutch Cover for Forest Mage


10 Responses to Dutch Cover Art, or A Picture Is Truly Worth 10,000 Words

  1. How does it come that there already is a name for the third book of the Rain Wild Chronicles when The Original doesn’t even have a name yet (as far as I know)?

  2. These covers are truly beautiful. I have just discovered your books and am thoroughly enjoying them. I have one question, how come the Dutch get a third volume of the rain wild chronicles?

    I just finished reading the second volume and can’t wait to get the third when it is published. For now I have plenty more of your books to keep me occupied. 😀

  3. The publishing offices are psychic . . . well, no, not really! We have decided on a Dutch title, and the translation of the third book is in process, even as I am still revising it! They are some very energetic people there! Keeping up with them is a real challenge!

  4. Hi Robin, I wrote this to you before but I don’t think it got posted (I picked the worst timing since you were off to Australia! haha) so I’m posting again and I apologize if I sound pushy! 😳

    I was reading the Liveship Traders for the first time and I loved it. So far I’ve only read The Farseer and The Tawny Man series before so I’m quite a new fan. But I’ve already ordered the ‘Soldier Son’ trilogy and the first two ‘Rain Wild Chronicles’ from Amazon. ‘The Inheritance will also be on its way soon. I’m very excited to see your work as Megan Lindholm as well.

    You are truly an amazing writer and it’s such a joy reading about your characters!

    Can I ask, when you are writing books like the Liveship Traders where there are more than one main character; how do you write it? Do you write the entire story in the order it reads out (like Wintrow first, then a little bit about Althea, then Ronica, then Vivacia, then Kennit and so on) or do you write everything from Wintrow’s perspective in on go, and everything on Kennit etc. and then you just puzzle it together?

    And do you plan your storyline completely and everything regarding your characters before you start writing? Or do you just get an idea and then start writing it and see where it takes you?

    I’m sorry for the questions, I’ve always been fascinated by how writers work! I’m even currently reading a ‘conversation’ book where twelve writers talk about how they work!

  5. Oh my …

    I scrolled down and evidently my comment DID get posted and you even answered it! I didn’t notice it, I must have been constantly checking the wrong post!
    I’M SORRY!
    And thank you so much for the answer, it’s very interesting … and I wouldn’t mind if you could talk about it a little more when you have the time … *cough*

  6. I really like the assassins apprentice covers here . (though they are all amazing)
    I think its the rendering style and the dog. I’m a sucker for water hounds and spaniels I think its the droopy ears.

    Just started reading the Inheritance,
    Loving it! the lavender tale stood up and punched me in the face. Excellent!

  7. Hi Jo!

    No worries. I can’t seem to put the replies directly under the questions I’m responding to! That makes it hard for people to follow the thread, I’m sure!