US signing for The Inheritance

Just  a very quick update here as I’ve been getting a few queries about this.

The US launch of The Inheritance will be at the University Book Store in Seattle, with the honorable Duane Wilkins, Bookseller, presiding.  🙂  I hope to make this special, so do keep checking back here for updates.  The date for this is May 5, 2011 and the time will be 7PM, so do reserve these slots on your calendar!  I will do a reading, take some questions and sign some books.  I hope to see many of you there.

For Oregon readers, please plan to meet me at Powells at Beaverton on May 14 in the afternoon.  I’ll add details here when I know the exact time. 

As an aside, Iwill add that I am always very grateful for the bookstores that invite me (and other authors) to come in and sign.  They do so at expense to themselves, with an investment of time and money as they prepare a space, make sure stock is on hand and that they have personnel for the event.  Sometimes we even keep them late after the store would ordinarily have closed.  I request that readers who enjoy these events please purchase the book at the venue hosting the signing.  I do realize that some people simply come to hear the reading and meet the author and others who are there, and that is fine and you are always welcome.  But if you can make a purchase of some kind that evening, it helps to let the store know that you value what they do, and it increases the chance that there will be more events for you to attend.

So, thanks again, Duane and University Book Store for inviting me to launch yet another book from your store.


4 Responses to US signing for The Inheritance

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for writing your books. They are simply amazing and they keep me sane, especially when i come home from a really stressful day of being in the air force 🙄

  2. Hi Travis,

    Well, uh, think of the stressful days all the rest of us would be having without fellows like you in the Air Force! So thanks for what you do, and I’m glad the books work to lessen the stress.

    Daughter of a US Air Force Veteran

  3. Hello,

    Is there any chance that autographed copies of this book will be available on “The Signed Page?” I have been been emotionally invested and absorbed in your writings for many months now having purchased and read eleven of your books in a row. Being an avid reader, I have begun to wonder if I am neglecting the many other great authors and genres that I love. Nah!!! I have only “The Soldier Son Trilogy” left to read; therefore, I am emphatically excited about of the US release of “The Inheritance”. Your writings have touched me in a way in which no other author ever has, and being able to purchase a signed copy of your upcoming book would be priceless to me.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful books. I am so glad that I happened upon “The Farseer Trilogy” several months ago. The fantasy genre was not my genre of choice at that time; however, your books have awakened in me a love and appreciation of fantasy books. I truly believe that I would read and love anything that you have laid to paper though… even if it were a book of laws or a medical journal!


  4. Hi John!

    Shawn and I haven’t scheduled a signing for The Inheritance. Usually, Shawn only does hardback signings, and in the US, The Inheritance will be a trade paperback (oversized paperback) at this time.
    I’ll fire off an email to ask him if he wants to do a few, but I do believe he sticks to hardbacks.

    Best wishes,