My Birthday Present

With the gracious permission of Jen, I am sharing my birthday present here.   A little background.  For many years now, I have had a newsgroup over at and some longtime internet friends gather there. 

Jen is one of them, as are Karen and Helen.  Karen, Helen and I share a birthday, and this is Jen’s Happy Birthday from Jen for us.

Makes me grin every time I play it!


5 Responses to My Birthday Present

  1. Oh goodness that made me laugh. I’d be so happy to get something silly like that from a friend for my birthday.

  2. By the way, Robin, have you heard of Suvudu Cage Matches ?

    They consist of pairing up heroes from science fiction and fantasy books together in a “cage match” to fight and defeat one another. The winner is actually based on a vote given by online readers, and sometimes authors even go and defend their characters ! (like George RR Martin last year, though it must take a lot of time)

    Anyways , this year, a largely acclaimed character is none other than Fitz (as a boy) who has been seeded to fight! He’s against a mouse, as weird as it may seem, in the first round.

    All my “luck” to Fitz this year :p