Happy Birthday, Blood Memories!

Just taking a moment to wish a happy second birthday to Blood Memories, an Italian Robin Hobb fan site.

Many thanks for making me so welcome during my visit to Italy last year, and for creating a home for Italian Robin Hobb fans.Β  Thank you forΒ so many thoughtful gifts, for rides to where I needed to be, and for several lovely meals shared with friends. Β I hope you will have many happy returns of this day!

There is also a Blood Memories page on Facebook.

I am still very enamored of the compass rose navigator on the website.Β  Very clever!

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  1. πŸ˜€ Hi “Robin,” Thank you for the 3/17 posting. The date is especially meaningful for my wife and I. I am Irish, and we were married on St. Paddy’s day about 32 yrs ago. We are both nearly 70, and her Alzhiemers has handicapped her reading, terribly. I read to her before our after lunch nap and again before we go to sleep in the evening. We have just finished (and enjoyed immensely) your Dragon Keeper book. It supplied us with a very tantalizing into to their world of people & norms. But! we are both so “hooked” I was greatly relieved to see this posting!!!!

  2. Dear Robin, I can’t find the words! We all love your books, but we love you even more: thanks to you for making us become enthusiastic readers at first and then friends to each other!

    The crew will be full of joy when they wake up! Now it’s nearly 3 am in Italy, but I have my cats keeping me awake πŸ˜‰

    With best wishes,


  3. Please, excuse me for the double post but I’ve just remembered that ThePlenty.net started its adventure on 17th March, too! The initial website was created in 2003, so… happy eighth birthday to The Plenty!

  4. Hi Robin, i’m Alessandro/Wintrow from Blood Memories!

    Your wishes for our website are a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much, Robin! πŸ˜‰

  5. Dear Lynn and Carol,

    Yes, the story from the Rain Wilds will go on for at least two more books. It’s wonderful to hear that the audience is still enjoying them.

    It is wonderful to hear you are both enjoying the Dragon Keeper stories. Sometimes, when I am having such a good time writing something, I wonder if my readers will enjoy the journey as much as I do. So hearing this from you is great.

    I made the Alzheimers journey with my father, so I have some small understanding of it. The books that he had shared with me remained our bridge for a very long time. And all that poetry he had memorized as a schoolboy? That he kept. He could do much of Longfellow’s Hiawatha, something we both enjoyed.

    Thank you again for a very encouraging letter.


  6. ThePlenty and Blood Memories…my most-visited and favourite of all websites…along with here and the newsgroup of course! :mrgreen:

    They are fan sites that Mervi(thePlenty) and Barbara, Marco, Alessandro etc (Blood Memories) should all be really proud of – congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all! πŸ˜‰

    I mean to say, where would I be without those two FANTASTIC places to feed my addiction in between books, and to also catch up with like-minded friends from around the globe?!

    Good times, good mates! πŸ˜€

  7. Robin thank you so much for your words!
    You now how it has been wonderful to have you with us in Italy, and when you’ll be able to, we’re waiting for you again here! πŸ˜›
    You’re always so kind with us, thank you for your post, your wishes… And the time you spend, everytime you can, to write us!
    …And good luck for your work! πŸ˜‰

  8. I am reading Dragon Keeper; my first experience with your work. I find everything to be fascinating except the amount of attention given to the relationship between Heist and Sedric. Perhaps it is just that I am not use to finding this sort of story in my fantasy reading. Would you tell me why you chose to develop this story in that way.

  9. Hi Mark,

    Why choose particular characters or type of characters? I think that question could be asked of any of the characters that wander through my books. I don’t have a clear answer. As I’ve said before elsewhere, stories begin for me when characters step out into my mental spotlight and start talking. And if they are powerful enough, I get swept up in their stories and start writing. Villains can fascinate me as much as heroes. Kennit from the original Liveship Traders trilogy is a prime example of that! People of different ages, races, social strata, sexual orientation, religions and cultures all have tales to tell, and in the Realm of the Elderlings, all those stories fit together to tell a larger tale. Thus I have Leftrin, a simple river captain but also the owner of a liveship, and Mercor,a dragon whose morality differs from some of his fellows, and Tats, the son of a slave and an immigrant to the Rain Wild culture and Hest, a man who cares little for who he hurts as long he get gets what he wishes. It’s when you stir up a mix like this and let motives and dreams collide that a story takes off and starts to write itself.

    Interesting question. Thanks for asking.


  10. Hi again Robin, may I ask you a little question? I subscribed to your newsletter in 2009 and now I’d like to recommend the subscription to other readers. Should they email you or fill in the new form named AuthorTracker on the right?

    Thanks in advance for your help πŸ™‚


    @Netta Rick: You are too kind, thanks a lot!

  11. Wow, you responded to the new website changes before I could even put up my post about them!!!

    Author Tracker is a service of Harper Collins. You can subscribe to it, not just for finding out about my books, but for any Harper Collins author that you are interested in following.

    It is different from my newsletter and random ‘snail mail’ that I personally send out. For instance, I recently used my newsletter list to send postcards to Australian readers, just to let them know I’d be on their continent in April. I don’t often do things like that, but I do enjoy the opportunity to reach out directly to readers with a special announcement, a holiday greeting or a bookmark.

    Right now, we are actually in the process of updating our mailing list, so please don’t send us any information just yet! When we are ready, I will make a post inviting people to send their information, with the absolute promise that it remains only in my files and is only used for mailings that come from me, personally.

    Good to hear from you Barbara! And thanks for a very good question!


  12. Thanks to you for answering so quickly and clearly! I love the changes to robinhobb.com!

    Best wishes for a great trip in Australia πŸ™‚