A Sunny Morning in Brisbane!

Wake up Australia!  I want to play!

I do, honestly, feel about 5 years old.  I’m so excited to be here.

So, today will be my first day at SupaNova!  So that is really exciting, as I hear they’ve sold more pre-tickets this year than they did all of last year.  Should be a big crowd of very lively people.

And my other bright news this morning is that The Inheritance got a starred review in Publishers’ Weekly!

So, really, what more could I ask of the day?


3 Responses to A Sunny Morning in Brisbane!

  1. Well, every word is true!

    Enjoy your day and your stay in Brisbane 🙂

    And please come to Sweden some time.

    Warm regards

  2. Hurray – yesterday Amazon delivered “The Inheritance”. Much earlier as announced. I came home for lunch and found the book. And came back to work almost late. It felt so nice in my hands. The cover is really smashing. Starting with the preface I felt, als if you were talking directly to me. Amazing feeling ! I think, I’ll love it 😀 !
    Have a nice, interesting and successful time in Australia. And take care !

  3. Hi Christina! I’m having a wonderful time in Australia. off to a botanical garden this afternoon to have a bit of a walk. The cover is very lovely indeed, thanks to Jackie Morris.
    Let me know what you think of the stories when you’ve read them?