One Way Ticket to Mars!

This will definitely give me something to dream about tonight. 

I can still remember the night my Dad took all us kids out on the front lawn and pointed out Sputnik to us.  He told us the world was on the verge of something wonderful. It didn’t seem to matter to him that the Soviet Union had beaten the US to the punch. To him, it was about humankind taking steps out into space.

I really believed that we’d move along that path much faster than we have. I was supposed to be able to take holiday to a moon settlement by now.

But being one of the first settlers on Mars?  Camping next to an ice cave, paving the way for those who would follow after? That’s an even better dream than vacationing at a low-G moon resort.

I know this article must seem like a silly idea to many people.  Send older folks on a one way trip to Mars, to begin the work as ‘trail blazers’ for those who would come after?  Such a dream.  Such a crazy vision.  I can think of a million objections to such a plan.

But would I volunteer to go?  In a heartbeat!


7 Responses to One Way Ticket to Mars!

  1. Robin, I am so in line with you !
    Maybe not right away (I’m 28), but definitely, when “the kids are grown up”, this would be something crazy but so intense to do.
    Thanks for the link, I’m sending it to everyone now 😉

  2. This reminds me of a program that I had when I was in middle school. It was called “Mission to Mars”. I live in Orlando, FL and NASA isn’t but 30mins away. So astronauts used to come around and teach us ways to inhabit mars, ways to make sustainable food on mars, how to make an atmosphere it was probably the one and only coolest thing I actually remember from middle school.
    I am 26 and I would do this in heartbeat!!

  3. I completely agree. To do something like that would be amazing. I would love to go to space and am disappointed at how slow progress seems to be these days in the actual effort to get there.

  4. I live right at the Cape and I am so disappointed that Space has such a low priority.
    I would go in a heart beat also!

  5. I’d like you to have the chance to do so, but let me be a little selfish…: Only if you can take your writing chair with you! 😉