Go Vote!

Hie thee to a polling place and make your voice and thoughts heard!

I don’t care how you vote, please just vote!


13 Responses to Go Vote!

  1. Hi Robin!

    So here’s my conundrum: go vote or go back to the Rain Wilds…. hmm, toughie toughie… just kiddin’!

    Jokes apart, I’ve just started Dragon Keeper (read 1/3 of it in three days during lunch breaks; yes, I’m a slow reader and I’m proud!) and I just wanted to give you a humongous THANK YOU! You are, with Steven King, one of my favorite (living) authors, and reading you is like a drug. I just can’t get enough!

    Thanks again,

  2. Hi there,

    let me congratulate for your writing style. I read ALL of your books (in the original English tongue – as it is meant to be).
    I can’t await your new creations and ideas -you are my favourite author! There were times during reading your books (e.g. reading the magnficient Farseer Chronicles) where I thought: Damn, I hope this book/ story will never come to an end!

    All the best from good old Germany

    Christian Koenig

  3. Hello Robin! I’ve been a big fan of your work over the past few years, but hadn’t been to your site in awhile and noticed the new weblog.

    I remember a few years back that you were of the opinion that blogs sucked the creative juices out of writers. Was there anything in particular that changed your mind regarding blogging? Or are you still opposed to the practice?



  4. Hi,
    Couldn’t agree more re voting.

    Re: your books – as a man who does not understand women – thank you.

    I tried to explain one of your plots to my boss the other day …”well there are these sea serpents and they turn into dragons and there is this memory stone errr…” I suddenly realised how silly I sounded and how (sorry) f**king intelligent and alive your characters must be to suspend disbelief in a genre that is basically a handicap!

    No longer a misogynist – Doug Charteris UK

  5. Hello Robin, Im a huge fan of you’r work, grew up reading your series and have read at least each series 5+ times. Only now have i realised i can ask on the internet, do you think that thier will ever be again the chance of another series on Fitz?
    Sorry if this is asked alot, just has been on my mind since i was about 15.

  6. Hi Robin. I came along to say that no one should vote because it’s wrong. Participation and solidarity are great, that’s not what voting is about, quite the opposite, it’s about engaging others in what they don’t necessarily want to do, against their consent.

    Anyway, I also wanted to say that I loved the Farseer trilogy and now that it’s over, it kinda feels like dying. Hopefully, the above paragraph will not spur you to think ‘Good riddance’, because I only meant that it felt like that, I’m fine physically.

  7. 😆 I just wanted to thank you for all the good time. Je suis sûre que vous ne vous rendez pas compte du plaisir immense que, nous , lecteurs éprouvons à vous lire. Tous vos personnages sont tellement attachants qu’on aimerait les rencontrer pour leur serrer la main.Ils sont tellement travaillés qu’ils en sont réèls et après avoir dévoré puis relu plus doucement chacune de vos sagas je ne trouve plus des auteurs qui me plaisent autant. Même Jamère auquel j’ai d’abord eu du mal à m’attacher m’a emporter dans son histoire. Mais quel talent vous avez ! Quel talent ! MERCI

  8. Hi Robin Iam your no 1 fan in Australia

    my biggest issue is having to wait for you to finish a seris Dragon keeper seris is the best and i am really hanging out for the 3rd book, like really hanging, so please from the Australians please please Hurry early awaiting….Regards Julie Abbey

  9. Hi Robin,
    When will yyou be coming to the UK – I have every book you have written in both names and myself and my wife would love to meet the author in real life?
    Keep up the fantastic work.