Songs of Love and Death

Otherwise known as Original Tales of Star-Crossed Lovers.

This anthology, edited by Gardner Dozois and George RR Martin, will be available next month.  And I’m telling you this because,of course, I have a story in it.   “Blue Boots” is mine. 

I find myself in very illustrious companyin this collection of stories about thwarted love.  The authors come from a variety of genres: PETER S. BEAGLE, JO BEVERLEY, JIM BUTCHER, JACQUELINE CAREY, DIANA GABALDON, NEIL GAIMAN, YASMINE GALENORN, M.L.N. HANOVER,  ROBIN HOBB, CECELIA HOLLAND,  TANITH LEE, MARJORIE M. LIU, MARY JO PUTNEY, LINNEA SINCLAIR, MELINDA SNODGRASS, LISA TUTTLE, and  CARRIE VAUGHN.  (Sorry about the All Caps. I kidnapped the list in that form.)  I think there is something here for everyone, and  every story is new for this anthology. 

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8 Responses to Songs of Love and Death

  1. I apologize in advance as this is off topic, but I was wondering how many titles will be available in the Rain Wilds Chronicles.

    I noticed your post addressing this on 5.13.2010, and while it addresses the the fact that Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven was really one manuscript, it’s still unclear whether the next book will be a middle volume or a conclusion to the series.

    Thank you for your brilliant stories. Actually I believe that I am even more thankful for your tremendous work ethic when compared to other writers in the genre.

  2. Hi Paslaugh!

    I am currently at work on a book that will stand alone from Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven. It will, however, continue the tale of some of those characters and tell more about What Happened Next.

    I anticipate that it will be the last book to deal with these characters.

    But I’ve been wrong about things like that before.

    CAVEAT: I don’t turn in the manuscript until the end of 2010, so this book is still a ways out there!

    Next published book from me will be a story collection, The Inheritance. It will have stories by both Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm in it.


  3. Hello!
    I’m Ziva from Israel
    read all you translated books in Hebrew, hope to read the new ones soon.
    On one of the back covers it was written than one of the trilogies has been processed to a movie.
    Is this true?
    If not why??
    sorry for my bad English…
    Good luck

  4. Hello again Robin,

    I haven’t read Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven as yet, but they are in my bookshelf. The Liveship Traders trilogy was my absolute favorite!

    I have heard around the net that the dragon books have Tintaglia in them, but the humans and etc. are different from the Liveship series. Any plans to bring Althea and gang back?

    Also, have you considered writing something based on the Chalcedean viewpoint? Please tell me you’re not done with the Elderlings 🙂

  5. p.s. – I’m not much of one for anthologies, but I’ll look for this one based on the all-star cast of writers (including yourself). Thanks for the tip!

  6. Hi Ziva!

    Sorry to tell you this, but there are no movie versions of any of my books currently in the works. From time to time, there is some interest, but so far, no solid developments in that area.
    I hope you’ll enjoy the new books!