10 Responses to Seen in the Tube in Paris

  1. Hi Robin, great!
    Have you seen it yourself, or did someone send the picture? I can imagine it makes you proud to bump into a poster like this in the middle of Paris…
    Maybe it’s just a little proof of the great taste we have in Europe. (at least some of us, ahum…) 😉

  2. That’s because we love you in Paris !

    Thank you for your wonderful novels ! I love them, and can’t wait for the next ones !
    Your Liveship traders trilogy were the first books I read in english, because I didn’t want to wait for the french translation …

  3. Hey ! Yes, of course ! We’ve been seeing them around for a while now, I never even thought of sharing it !

    Just to be more specific, they’re posters for the Rain Wild Chronicles 🙂

  4. Oh, the picture was sent to me from a lovely friend who works in the publishing office.

    There were a set of them actually; I was thrilled to get them.


  5. Or here in Germany (where we also have good taste, ahem)!

    Very, very nice. I like the picture.
    I hope, the Rain Wild Chronicles will become a great success all over the world. I loved them and can hardly await the next one.

  6. Ha thats lovely! Can i ask are you planning any appearances in Ireland by any chance? I would love to get a book signed and/or see you.

    Cant wait for the next book! Hope the assistant is ok 🙂

  7. I’m not sure if this is the place for this comment. Robin Hobb has a large fan base in Cape Town, South Africa.We are keen readers who appreciate the depth and scope of Robin’s writing. However there is something that bothers us about the books: the number of priniting errors in each book. I hardly notice mistakes like these in other books, yet almost every publication (in the trilogies) have several typos in them. They rankle! They break the illusion and flow of the writing, which is so precious. Don’t you use proof readers? Is it because you send your manuscripts in very late (as you alluded to in one of your entries on this site?) In ‘Dragon Haven’ – there they were again. Please speak to your publisher.
    I look forward to an error-free final book in this series.