Tail Wagging Ending!

Tonight, Bandit the German Shepherd pup is safely home with his family!

We loved having a puppy in the family for a while, but are glad he is home and happy.


6 Responses to Tail Wagging Ending!

  1. I’m finding it very hard to read Forest Mage. It’s a brilliant book, but I think i’ve guessed what is happening to main character. God I have no idea how to phrase this without spoilers, but um…I’ve also felt insecure about weight. Yeah that’s pretty much all I could say.
    Brilliant book though!

  2. A little off topic, but, has there ever been an oppurtunity to do spanish translations of your books? I keep telling my wife how great they are but she doesn’t speak english quite well enough yet.

  3. Tymcon, don’t you worry, as I was reading the books I thought I had it all worked out, having read all the previous RH books a few times. But no, Robin still managed to surprise me and I did not for the life of me see any of it coming!