Off to College

There are many difficult parts to sending the youngest child off to college.

One of those is trying to explain to the Princess that she is not going, too.


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  1. ­čś»
    She cant go, unless YOU are going to escort her! She’s the new little Muse, all Pi wisdom has been trnsferred in her little, sweet heart!

  2. Does anyone know why the earlier books have been taken off Kindle?

    I bought assassins apprentice after liking it halfway through I decided to buy the next one….to find there all no longer available. only the dragon series.

    Will they be coming back?

  3. Thanks for your reply.

    On mine your books are not there, just the 2 dragon ones and the other series of books (Not the elderling ones).

    It has happend to a few others like G.R.R Martin for eg.

  4. Hi Robin,
    I want to thank you because a while ago I asked you some advise and you always answered me. You told me to continue to write in spite of the doubts, what I did. Now I am satisfied because I arrived at a stage of my story where the intrigue becomes interesting. I know that I am on the right track and i will not give up. So thanks

  5. Hi Robin

    It’s the new UK kindle store that your books have disappeared from. I was waiting to buy them until my kindle arrived, but they were pulled from the store. No answer from amazon as to why. It’s your first 3 trilogies that are missing.

  6. Hi Kelly and Gaius!

    I looked into this. We have a kindle agreement in the UK for the Soldier Son trilogy and the new Dragon twosome. We are working on getting the others back there. I’ve placed a link below.

    This is the sort of thing where I look up from writing a story and realize that I have no idea what formats the books are in or how available they are. For the most part, I just write them!

    Thanks for letting me know.

  7. Thanks Robin for replying. It’s almost impossible to find out what’s going on with Kindle books! I’m a long time fan and have all of your books, which I’m trying to replace on Kindle now my arms are too weak to hold paperbacks. The trials of age. Thanks again.

    PS your cat is gorgeous.What is it with cats and boxes?