Just my month for critters

First, Giles brought me the injured flicker. We sent that one up the big tree in my back yard.

Then it was the bat in the coffee cup.

Off to the plum tree for him, and since then to parts unknown.

Now it’s a ‘teenager’ German Shepherd pup, rescued from traffic on Orchard and N. 30th. A very handsome pup. The vet estimates age at 9 months. Black collar, no tags, no microchip. And the not-so-little fellow desperately wants to go home. We’ve put up flyers and an ad on Craig’s List, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone looking for him. But there MUST be: he’s so gentle, so well behaved, partially trained to sit, etc, and so unhappy at not being with his family. Our dogs and cats have been very forebearing with him but he really needs to find his people . . .

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  1. Poor pup. You can register his discription with the local animal shelters and animal control in case an owner checks at one of these facilities. Make sure that your other dog(s) are up to date on the bordatella vaccination since this is the most common disease passed between puppies and adult dogs. This vaccination is usually give every 6 months. You can find really good information about training, if you need it, at veterinarypartner.com.

    Good Luck

  2. hi
    greetings my name is rajesh panda and i assume i writing to the author of “the golden fool”. its 6.15 in the morning in india but i so desperately wanted to get to you with my love …sorry i dont have words to say i just loved it. the first and the only novel i have read till today. yes i have love fantasy stories like spiderman avatar but the way you have you have made up this fantasy i must say that i have truly com to admire your writing and thought power. honestly i am not much of a book reader as i simply used to hate it. i even used to curse you when i was going through the first chapter that why have you written this in so much detail later i realized i was begging for more. after going through the concept i kind of feel you imagination is far bigger then avatar … in a sense we dont need a language to communicate.
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    rajesh panda
    Citizen 6 Duchies

  3. Hi Rajesh!

    I received your email, and I will send you a reply shortly.

    Thanks so much for your enthusiastic letter. It is very welcome encouragement.

    With best wishes,