Bat in your coffee?

So. How did your day begin today?

Mine started when two of my grown offspring showed up with a gift for me.

A bat in a paper coffee cup, with a napkin on top.

They had rescued him from Satellite Coffee here in Tacoma. He’d become disoriented and ended up on the roof there, shivering and showing his tiny bat teeth to anyone who threatened him.

So of course they gathered him up in the coffee cup and brought him to my house.

I took him outside and carefully hung him up in the mock orange bush. After a brief recovery time, he clambered to the edge of the bush and took flight to the plum tree, where the foliage is even more dense.

Pi sniffed the now empty coffee cup and said that if she’d known Satellite was serving Bat Lattes, she would have become a customer long ago.


5 Responses to Bat in your coffee?

  1. When I was a kid, our cat used to catch them and bring them inside. We rescued a few before they ended up as cat breakfast.

    One though, we weren’t fast enough and neither was the cat, it escaped and spent the day asleep in the corner of the bedroom, flying away when we tried to catch it. We ended up having to wait until night, open all the windows and doors and turn on all the lights inside until it made it’s way outside again.

    Fun times.

  2. I was once walking up to my local convenience store during the evening time and I had to stumble backwards because I noticed there was a huge spider right in front of my face. At that moment a bat swooped down and gobbled up the spider.

    I thought it was the most amazing thing ever. It made me laugh thinking that that bat probably knew exactly what it was doing and was probably laughing himself. Anyway from that experience it made me love the cute little creatures just a little bit more. Being in Florida we have tons of bats but it would be really cool to have one living in my bushes. Congrats on your new night time guardian.

  3. That is so fitting for this time of the year! I have always had a fondness for bats. They are adorable to me.

    I have to say I am still mourning the end of the Farseer/Tawny Man trilogies and it’s been weeks ago I finished Fools Fate. I know you hear this all the time but I was completely engrossed. Fitz and the Fool were and still are real to me. Like friends. I miss them terribly. Especially, the Fool.

    You have some special and magical talent with how you create and write. I read all genres. I was an English major and I’ve read so much in my life. Farseer/Live Ships/Tawny Man are my favorite books of all my life.

    Soon I will read all your other books. Once again you hear this a lot but if a story ever comes to you involving Fitz and the Fool again I would be waiting in the lines at midnight for it’s release!

  4. Sounds like my place used to be! When my kids were growing up, we lived in a huge ‘rabbit warren’ of an apartment complex, on the edge of a small canyon, in rural Southern California, and for 20 some years, the local kids brought me everything they caught, or took me to see whatever they had spotted in the wild. Once I’d taught them to leave the critters where they were, we watched amazing scenes with coyotes, foxes, hawks and falcons, owls and praying mantis’, walking sticks, ground squirrels, frogs and fish, and plenty of snakes…I married a man who loved to bring his huge telescope out into the parking lot at night and show the neighborhood the night sky, and we had a grand time with all the local kids, and quite a few of their parents! We saw lots of evening bats, but never laid hands on any of them.

    I, like Julia, am a huge fan of yours! Your prose sings to me, the emotions and thoughts on the pages flow directly into my heart, and I live each book with it’s characters. I wait with bated breath for your next one!

  5. Thanks for the very kind comments. I wish someone in our neighborhood had had a telescope when I was a kid! It sounds rather like being the local wizard!