UK Cover The Inheritance

Cover by Jackie Morris

A picture is definitely worth 10,000 words!


16 Responses to UK Cover The Inheritance

  1. Looks good! It’ll sit just so on the shelf right after Dragon Haven. Is the cover shown the front and back cover, or is the cover to be reversible? Or should I wait until next March and it be a surprise?

  2. The Inheritance will not be out until 2011! Which month depends on which country you are in. The UK will publish first, possibly in March.

    Nothing is set in stone yet, but that is fairly certain.
    So, you haven’t missed anything yet!


  3. Brilliant cover, the cats look wonderful! I also really like the colour scheme.

    To be honest I love my editions with the watercolours by John Howe most. I was a little disappointed to find that the Dutch edition of the RainWild Chronicles had a very different kind of cover and a different seize than all the previous books, so they don’t quite match with the others on the bookshelf. Maybe I should switch to English for this one!